Class ProviderResourceAbstract

ProviderResource is a resource that implements CRUD operations for other custom resources. These resources are managed similarly to other resources, including the usual diffing and update semantics.

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  • Creates and registers a new provider resource for a particular package.


    • pkg: string

      The package associated with this provider.

    • name: string

      The unique name of the provider.

    • Optional props: Inputs

      The configuration to use for this provider.

    • opts: ResourceOptions = {}

      A bag of options that control this provider's behavior.

    • dependency: boolean = false

      True if this is a synthetic resource used internally for dependency tracking.

    Returns ProviderResource


id: Output<string>

id is the provider-assigned unique ID for this managed resource. It is set during deployments and may be missing (undefined) during planning phases.

urn: Output<string>

urn is the stable logical URN used to distinctly address a resource, both before and after deployments.


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