Function serializeFunction

  • serializeFunction serializes a JavaScript function into a text form that can be loaded in another execution context, for example as part of a function callback associated with an AWS Lambda. The function serialization captures any variables captured by the function body and serializes those values into the generated text along with the function body. This process is recursive, so that functions referenced by the body of the serialized function will themselves be serialized as well. This process also deeply serializes captured object values, including prototype chains and property descriptors, such that the semantics of the function when deserialized should match the original function.

    There are several known limitations:

    • If a native function is captured either directly or indirectly, closure serialization will return an error.
    • Captured values will be serialized based on their values at the time that serializeFunction is called. Mutations to these values after that (but before the deserialized function is used) will not be observed by the deserialized function.


    • func: Function

      The JavaScript function to serialize.

    • args: SerializeFunctionArgs = {}

      Arguments to use to control the serialization of the JavaScript function.

    Returns Promise<SerializedFunction>

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