Options is a bag of settings that controls the behavior of previews and deployments

interface Options {
    cacheDynamicProviders?: boolean;
    dryRun?: boolean;
    engineAddr?: string;
    legacyApply?: boolean;
    monitorAddr?: string;
    organization?: string;
    parallel?: number;
    project?: string;
    queryMode?: boolean;
    stack?: string;
    syncDir?: string;
    testModeEnabled?: boolean;


cacheDynamicProviders?: boolean
dryRun?: boolean
engineAddr?: string
legacyApply?: boolean
monitorAddr?: string
organization?: string
parallel?: number
project?: string
queryMode?: boolean
stack?: string
syncDir?: string

Directory containing the send/receive files for making synchronous invokes to the engine.

testModeEnabled?: boolean

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