Class ResourceAbstract

Resource represents a class whose CRUD operations are implemented by a provider plugin.

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  • Creates and registers a new resource object. [t] is the fully qualified type token and [name] is the "name" part to use in creating a stable and globally unique URN for the object. dependsOn is an optional list of other resources that this resource depends on, controlling the order in which we perform resource operations.


    • t: string

      The type of the resource.

    • name: string

      The unique name of the resource.

    • custom: boolean

      True to indicate that this is a custom resource, managed by a plugin.

    • props: Inputs = {}

      The arguments to use to populate the new resource.

    • opts: ResourceOptions = {}

      A bag of options that control this resource's behavior.

    • remote: boolean = false

      True if this is a remote component resource.

    • dependency: boolean = false

      True if this is a synthetic resource used internally for dependency tracking.

    Returns Resource


urn: Output<string>

urn is the stable logical URN used to distinctly address a resource, both before and after deployments.


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