1. Deploy the infinispan helm chart on AWS EKS


    To deploy the Infinispan Helm chart on an AWS EKS cluster, we’ll go through the following steps:

    1. Create an Amazon EKS cluster.
    2. Deploy the Infinispan Helm chart into the EKS cluster.

    Creating an Amazon EKS Cluster

    We'll start by creating an EKS cluster using Pulumi's aws.eks.Cluster class. Here's how you'd do it:

    • Define an EKS role with appropriate AWS permissions using aws-iam.EKSRole.
    • Deploy an EKS cluster using aws.eks.Cluster and reference the IAM role we created and the specific version of Kubernetes.

    Deploying Infinispan using Helm Chart

    After setting up the EKS cluster, we'll deploy Infinispan using the kubernetes.helm.v3.Chart class from Pulumi's Kubernetes provider.

    • Initialize the Pulumi Kubernetes provider to connect to the EKS cluster.
    • Deploy the Infinispan Helm chart and specify the chart name, repository, and any specific configuration values that are needed.

    Let's see this in a TypeScript Pulumi program.

    import * as pulumi from '@pulumi/pulumi'; import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws'; import * as awsx from '@pulumi/awsx'; import * as eks from '@pulumi/eks'; import * as k8s from '@pulumi/kubernetes'; // Create an EKS cluster. const cluster = new eks.Cluster('my-cluster', { // Specify the needed roles and other EKS configurations here. // Refer to the AWS EKS documentation for details on what needs to be configured: // https://www.pulumi.com/registry/packages/aws/api-docs/eks/cluster/ }); // Export the cluster's kubeconfig. export const kubeconfig = cluster.kubeconfig; // Create a new Kubernetes Helm Chart for Infinispan. const infinispanChart = new k8s.helm.v3.Chart('infinispan', { chart: 'infinispan', version: 'YOUR_INFINSIPAN_CHART_VERSION', // specify the exact chart version fetchOpts: { repo: 'https://infinispan.org/charts', // use the official Infinispan Helm chart repository }, // You can configure additional values here as per the Infinispan Helm chart's documentation. }, { provider: cluster.provider }); // You can add additional code to interact with the deployed Infinispan Helm chart if needed.

    This program will create an EKS cluster and deploy the Infinispan Helm chart to it.

    • Replace 'YOUR_INFINSIPAN_CHART_VERSION' with the version of the Infinispan Helm chart that you intend to use.
    • The cluster.provider is passed to the Helm chart for it to know where to deploy the chart.
    • You can add more configuration options to your EKS cluster and the Infinispan Helm chart based on your requirements, such as setting the node count for the cluster or specifying Infinispan-specific configurations using the values parameter in the Chart class.

    When you run this Pulumi program, it will provision the necessary infrastructure on AWS and deploy Infinispan into your EKS cluster. Always ensure you have the required access permissions and the AWS credentials configured correctly in your environment for Pulumi to manage AWS resources.