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Pulumi provides a platform for building modern cloud software.

Create, deploy, and manage applications and infrastructure on any cloud. Easily go to production with modern cloud architectures, and break down silos inhibiting innovation within your organization.

Create, deploy, and manage modern cloud software.

A single workflow for provisioning cloud apps and infrastructure, in any cloud environment, public, private, or hybrid.


Familiar languages like TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, and Go. Benefit from abstraction and reuse. Use your favorite IDE, linters, and test frameworks.

  • js
  • python
  • golang
  • typescript


Deploy applications and infrastructure to any cloud with one consistent workflow, fully integrated with your favorite CI system.

  • aws
  • azure
  • google cloud platform
  • kubernetes


Unlock collaboration across your team with package sharing and reuse, and Dev and DevOps policies and management features.

  • github
  • vs
  • npm
  • travisci

Pulumi SDK

The SDK is an open source tool and framework for defining and deploying cloud apps and infrastructure in code.

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Many Clouds

Access the full breadth of services in AWS, Azure, GCP, Kubernetes, and more, using shared tools.

Many Languages

Code in TypeScript, JavaScript, Python, and Go, instead of YAML or vendor-specific DSLs.

Open Source

Everything is designed in the open and available on GitHub. Pull Requests welcome!

Great Tools

Be productive with IDEs, syntax highlighting, error checking, and testing. Share and reuse components.

Pulumi for Teams

The Pulumi web console helps teams of all sizes reliably and continuously deliver and manage cloud apps and infrastructure.

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CI/CD Workflow

Continuously deliver code from your favorite SCM, using your favorite CI system, to the cloud.

History & Auditing

Full history of cloud resource deployments, so you always who changed what, when, and why.

Secrets & Configuration

Manage configuration and secrets reliably in the cloud, with security, auditing, and ACLs.

Organizations & Teams

Collaborate using organizations, projects, and stacks, with full RBAC and policy management.

Pulumi Support and Training

Use Pulumi more effectively within your team. Learn how modernize your tools, organization, and practices based on industry leaders.

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Solution Guidance

Access Pulumi's expertise and material for modern cloud engineering, from Kubernetes to continuous delivery.

Slack with the Team

Get direct access to Pulumi customer engineers who can help you out in realtime.

Training Workshops

Hold onsite training for your team -- for Pulumi specifically, or more general modern cloud practices.

Enterprise Grade SLAs

Ensure a guaranteed rapid response to requests for help when you need it the most.

How Pulumi Works


  • Code in modern languages
  • Share and reuse patterns
  • Use your favorite IDE and tools


  • Preview changes
  • Run pulumi up to deploy
  • Integrate with CI/CD


  • Audit all changes
  • Manage complex environments
  • Implement policies and controls

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Discover our complete set of examples, documentation, and API references.

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