The Cloud Native Development Platform

Pulumi enables teams to define and deliver Cloud Native Infrastructure as Code on any cloud, with any language. From containers to serverless to Kubernetes to infrastructure.

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$ pulumi up

Previewing update of stack `mystack-dev`
+ pulumi:pulumi:Stack
+ ├─ aws-infra:network:Network
+ ├─ cloud:global:infrastructure
+ │ ├─ aws:iam:Role
+ │ ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment
+ ├─ cloud:bucket:Bucket
+ │ ├─ cloud:function:Function
+ │ │ └─ aws:serverless:Function
+ │ │ ├─ aws:iam:Role
+ │ │ ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment
+ │ │ └─ aws:lambda:Function
+ │ ├─ aws:s3:Bucket
+ ...
info: 33 changes previewed:
+ 33 resources to create

Platform Features

Unify development and devops practices to define, deploy, and manage cloud apps and infrastructure

Any code

Work with preferred languages for maximum productivity.

  • js
  • python
  • golang
  • typescript

Any cloud

Deploy apps and infrastructure to any cloud.

  • aws
  • azure
  • gd
  • kubernetes

Any team

Implement workflows with familiar tools and workflows.

  • github
  • vs
  • npm
  • travisci

Pulumi SDK

The Pulumi Cloud Native SDK is a framework for defining, deploying, and managing cloud services in pure code: from serverless, to containers, to APIs and infrastructure.

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Language Bindings

Work with JavaScript, Python, and Go to express cloud apps and infrastructure.

Code is the best Config

Eliminate the need for 'per vendor' DSLs to deploy apps and infrastructure.

Component Model

Build, share, and reuse components across projects and teams.

Coding Practices

Work with familiar practices: error checking, code completion, linting etc.

Pulumi Cloud Delivery Service

The Pulumi Service provides workspaces for teams to share visibility and information on cloud apps and infrastructure resource deployments.

Get Started

CI/CD Workflow

Integration with preferred tools, and environments, using familiar ALM practices.

Shared History

Full history of cloud resource deployments to enable logging and audit.

Secrets & Configuration

Stack-based secrets and configuration management for apps and infrastructure.

Organizations & Teams

Collaborate across multiple organizations, projects, and stacks.

Kubespy by Pulumi

kubespy is a command line tool that makes it easy to observe how Kubernetes resources change in real time.

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GitHub Actions for Pulumi

Pulumi and GitHub Actions combine to provide the easiest, most capable, and friction-free way to achieve continuous delivery of cloud applications and infrastructure.

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