The Pulumi Platform

Create, deploy, and manage cloud apps and infrastructure, for any cloud, in your favorite language. From infrastructure to containers to Kubernetes to serverless. Solutions for teams of all sizes, Dev and DevOps alike.

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$ pulumi up

Previewing update of stack `mystack-dev`
+ pulumi:pulumi:Stack
+ ├─ aws-infra:network:Network
+ ├─ cloud:global:infrastructure
+ │ ├─ aws:iam:Role
+ │ ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment
+ ├─ cloud:bucket:Bucket
+ │ ├─ cloud:function:Function
+ │ │ └─ aws:serverless:Function
+ │ │ ├─ aws:iam:Role
+ │ │ ├─ aws:iam:RolePolicyAttachment
+ │ │ └─ aws:lambda:Function
+ │ ├─ aws:s3:Bucket
+ ...
info: 33 changes previewed:
+ 33 resources to create

Create, deploy, and manage cloud software

A single workflow for provisioning cloud apps and infrastructure, in any cloud environment, public, private, or hybrid.

Any Code

Familiar languages like JavaScript, Python, and Go. Benefit from abstraction and reuse. Use your favorite IDE, linters, and test frameworks.

  • js
  • python
  • golang
  • typescript

Any Cloud

Deploy apps and infrastructure to any cloud with one consistent approach. Unlearn those YAML/DSL dialects and disjoint workflows.

  • aws
  • azure
  • gd
  • kubernetes

Any Team

Unlock collaboration across your team with package sharing and reuse, and Dev and DevOps policies and management features.

  • github
  • vs
  • npm
  • travisci

Pulumi SDK

The SDK is an open source tool and framework for defining and deploying cloud apps and infrastructure in code.

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Language Bindings

Code in JavaScript, Python, and Go instead of YAML or vendor-specific DSLs.

Open Source

Everything is designed in the open and available on GitHub. Pull Requests welcome!

Component Model

Share and reuse components using familiar package managers.

Cloud Engineering

Be productive with IDEs, syntax highlighting, error checking, and testing.

Pulumi SaaS

The SaaS helps teams of all sizes a reliable way to continuously deliver and manage cloud apps and infrastructure.

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CI/CD Workflow

Continuously deliver code from your favorite SCM, using your favorite CI system, to the cloud.

History & Auditing

Full history of cloud resource deployments, so you always who changed what, when, and why.

Secrets & Configuration

Manage configuration and secrets reliably in the cloud, with security, auditing, and ACLs.

Organizations & Teams

Collaborate using organizations, projects, and stacks, with full RBAC and policy management.

Multi-Cloud Subscription

An end-to-end solution for running Kubernetes in production on multiple clouds, public or private.

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Kubernetes First

Leverage hosted Kubernetes to get up and running faster than any alternative.

Solution Oriented

The CNCF landscape is complex. We'll help you navigate it with complete solutions.

Batteries Included

Use best practices that have been battle tested at scale, with customizability built-in.

Enterprise Grade

Use Pulumi Enterprise and open source packages and tools for Dev and DevOps alike.

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