Pulumi for Enterprises

Snowflake, Mercedes-Benz, and Atlassian are among a rapidly growing number of enterprises around the world who depend on Pulumi’s Cloud Engineering Platform to enable modern cloud transformation, accelerate innovation, and adopt the most rigorous security and compliance requirements.

Customer Stories

Snowflake empowered its developers to provision standardized Kubernetes environments on AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.

Mercedes-Benz enabled developers to provision Azure Kubernetes environments with a self-service platform built with Pulumi.

Atlassian Bitbucket reduced developers’ time spent on maintenance by 50% with a self-service platform built with Pulumi.

SANS increased deployment velocity by 3X after adopting cloud engineering and implementing infrastructure CI/CD.

Key Capabilities

Multi-Cloud Infrastructure as Code

Support for modern cloud architectures including Kubernetes, serverless, and containers, with a consistent workflow across many clouds, maximizes engineering velocity and tames cloud complexity.

Policy, Security, and Compliance Guardrails

Server-side enforcement and organization-wide policies, including compliance checks, network access restrictions, and budget enforcement.

Continuous Verification and Delivery

Deploy and manage cloud apps and infrastructure continuously with policy enforcement and secure pipeline best practices, including integrations with systems like Spinnaker, GitLab, and Kubernetes Operators.

Federated Services

Leverage existing SAML 2.0 and Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions and use the System for Cross-domain Identity Management (SCIM) protocol for automatic identity synchronization with systems like Microsoft Active Directory, Google Workspace, and Okta.

Role Based Access Control (RBAC)

Control access to sensitive data and operations through fine-grained roles across the entire organization and for specific projects.

Complete Auditing

Automatically record all activity with the ability to export logs for integration with other security and compliance partners.


Enterprises that require specific data controls can use the self-hosted Pulumi service in their own cloud or datacenter and maintain complete control over their hosting, network isolation, identity, and data ownership. Deployment options include Kubernetes clusters, VMWare vSphere, virtual private clouds in AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, and many other configurations.


Pulumi runs in an AWS VPC and our architecture follows industry best practices. All network communication is encrypted using TLS and Pulumi’s endpoints are only accessible via HTTPS. Your data is also encrypted at-rest and Pulumi is compliant with SOC 2 Type II. To learn more about our architecture and security practices, download our whitepaper.

Migration Hub

Reliably import existing cloud resources provisioned manually or by other tools and auto-generate a Pulumi program to manage those resources. Convert existing infrastructure as code projects, such as Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, Azure Resource Manager templates, or Kubernetes YAML, into a Pulumi program.

Cloud Partners

Pulumi works with the leading cloud providers including AWS, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure to ensure best-in-class support of the Pulumi Cloud Engineering Platform across each cloud. Pulumi provides Native Providers which enables same-day support of all new products and features in each cloud. Pulumi is also available for purchase through AWS Marketplace with support for additional cloud provider marketplaces coming soon.

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Enterprise Support

Pulumi provides a range of support options such as dedicated 24x7 support, premium training, onboarding, and professional services. Please see our pricing page for the support options available.

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