10x your infrastructure engineering with AI

Pulumi makes it trivial to take local AI development to production in the cloud

10x better scale through Automation API.

Automation API

10x more productivity seen by Panther Labs in their deployment speeds.

Panther Labs

10x faster time to market for Snowflake with their ship times.


AI Use Cases

AI Microservices Backend

Deploy a microservices backend and Pinecone vector database for semantic search.

Retrieval Augumented Generation

Deploy LangServe running as Docker container on Amazon ECS and ALB.

Large Language Models

Deploy a LLM from Hugging Face on Docker, Azure, or Runpod.

Hugging Face
Low Code Chatbot

Deploy a Flowise created LocalAI chatbot to AWS.


Benefits for AI

diagram of Pulumi AI code authoring
Author Code with AI

The Pulumi authoring experience is dynamic. You can generate a Pulumi program and deploy it as a template in seconds with a few simple text prompts. Then you can pair program in your IDE with an AI copilot with suggestions into the next most likely piece of infrastructure

Save Costs and Improve Security with AI

Pulumi builds a supergraph of all your organization's infrastructure resources (managed and not managed by Pulumi) and the relationships between each resource (e.g., stacks, data types). Pulumi Copilot unlocks insights to optimize costs, enhance security, and ensure compliance.

diagram of saving costs and improving security
diagram of Pulumi infra provisioning for AI
Provision AI Infrastructure with Python

Pulumi provides an abstraction across all the different layers of your AI stack (web framework, LLM, containers, databases, secrets, policies, configurations, etc) as a simple Python library. Through this abstraction you can manage stacks of infrastructure as code.

Organizations managing AI infrastructure with Pulumi

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