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Use Cases

  • Create internal developer portals (IDPs) to enable developers to quickly provision approved infrastructure, boosting productivity with pre-configured architectures, automated testing, and deployment adhering to organizational standards.

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  • Create reusable infrastructure components or self-service infrastructure platforms that empower your application developers to easily and quickly deploy and use infrastructure they need to build applications.

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  • Automate your infrastructure provisioning and management through a CI/CD pipeline. Run all infrastructure updates through a standard set of unit and integration tests, allowing reduced errors, greater security, and increased delivery velocity.

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  • Modernize how your teams provision and manage infrastructure in order to adapt to the changes in technologies (containers, serverless), architectures (distributed), and software release automation associated with the cloud.

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  • Use Pulumi to develop your next greenfield application that uses modern cloud technologies, like containers and serverless. Pulumi is designed for building these types of complex and distributed applications.

  • Easily provision and maintain machine learning (ML) batch jobs and data processing pipelines. Pulumi provides an easy and automated way to deploy ML stacks for data scientists and developers.

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  • Adopt Pulumi when your existing infrastructure provisioning tool has reached its limits. Pulumi provides YAML or JSON file converters or you can use Pulumi alongside existing tools.

  • Simplify your cloud migration with Universal Infrastructure-as-Code. Pulumi lets you model and automate the provisioning of infrastructure being migrated to the cloud to increase speed and success.

Common Architecture Types


Manage clusters and deploy containers with ease for Kubernetes, Amazon ECS, Azure ACI, or Google GKE.

Relevant Case Studies


Focus on business logic and managing infrastructure in the same familiar language you’re already using to write code.

Relevant Case Studies


Define and manage cloud infrastructure using server-based architectures, such as compute and database instances.

Relevant Case Studies


The easiest way to deploy, configure, and monitor Kubernetes clusters on any cloud, with a single tool, and in your favorite language.

Relevant Case Studies

Write in your favorite language

Define infrastructure as code using familiar languages and IDEs: JavaScript, TypeScript, Python, Go, .NET, Java, and YAML.

Cloud programming model

Use a programming model designed to make you maximally productive across any cloud, AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, or Kubernetes.

Real abstractions for the cloud

Build true cloud abstractions, reduce copy-and-paste, and share and reuse them in your favorite package manager.

Universal Infrastructure as Code

Use cloud engineering best practices to plan and version deployments and perform them with perfect auditability.

Multi-Cloud DevOps

It’s easier to go multi-cloud by using a single tool to manage each cloud, which eliminates YAML and DSL sprawl.

Deploy Continuously

Integrate with existing SCM and ALM systems to continuously deliver to many clouds with a single consistent workflow.

Policy as Code

Pulumi CrossGuard lets you author policies in programming languages to enforce best practices and correct configuration drift.

Built-in Secrets

Use Pulumi’s built-in secrets management to ensure that sensitive infrastructure as code configuration is always encrypted.

Enforce Standards

Codify and reuse standard organizational patterns with standard packaging techniques, versioning, and easy patching.

Embrace modern architectures

Easily adopt container and serverless architectures across applications and infrastructure, and Dev and DevOps.

Go Multi-Cloud

Build multi-cloud applications with a single workflow across all clouds — AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, hybrid or on-premises.


Use robust security, compliance, and auditing tools with an extensible policy engine for enforcing your organization’s practices.

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