Pulumi Copilot

Intelligent Cloud Management

Pulumi Copilot is an AI-powered assistant that automates any infrastructure management task. Copilot combines the power of large language models with semantic understanding of the cloud to unlock greater insights and controls over managing cloud infrastructure. Using the same GPT experience everyone knows, loves, and uses everyday, engineers can find anything in their cloud infrastructure and take action on any cloud resource. Pulumi Copilot lowers the barriers of managing the lifecycle of cloud infrastructure.

How do I use Pulumi Copilot?

Pulumi Copilot is an interactive user interface in the Pulumi Cloud console and the Pulumi CLI.

Pulumi Copilot understands the entirety of over 160 clouds, including public clouds (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud), cloud native (Kubernetes, Helm), SaaS providers (Snowflake, Cloudflare, Datadog), and more. Pulumi Copilot directly interfaces with these cloud APIs and data models.

Simply ask any question, and Pulumi Copilot will provide relevant, contextual, and effective responses to queries across the entire platform.

Pulumi Copilot is available in public beta, and is free while in beta. Organization admins can turn on Copilot in their organization Settings > Access Management > Pulumi Copilot within the Pulumi Cloud console.

Some of the answers in Pulumi Copilot may be inaccurate. Please send us your feedback so we can continue to improve the experience by typing /bug into Pulumi Copilot.

What are the use cases of Pulumi Copilot?

Generate infrastructure code

You can generate a Pulumi program and deploy it as a template in seconds with a few simple text prompts.

Discover cost savings

Pulumi Copilot can access infrastructure stack and resource data, so you can analyze your infrastructure on cost, compliance, and cloud usage.

Debug failed stack updates

Pulumi Copilot can access update and deployment logs of your stacks, so you can easily get answers about what caused failures.

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