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Get started with Pulumi

Pulumi is an infrastructure as code platform that allows you to use familiar programming languages and tools to build, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure.

Pulumi is free, open source, and optionally pairs with the Pulumi Cloud to make managing infrastructure secure, reliable, and hassle-free.

Select one of the following options to get started:

Alternatively, you can watch the following video which provides a high level overview of how Pulumi works:

Pulumi Cloud

The Pulumi Cloud is a fully managed service that helps you adopt Pulumi’s open source SDK with ease. It provides built-in state and secrets management, integrates with source control and CI/CD, and offers a web console and API that make it easier to visualize and manage infrastructure. It is free for individual use, with features available for teams.

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Additional resources

The following sections are also useful when first learning how to use Pulumi:


Get details on the Pulumi programming model and core concepts.

Adopting Pulumi

Learn how to support, migrate, or convert existing cloud infrastructure with Pulumi.

Introducing Pulumi Copilot - Intelligent Cloud Management