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Create, deploy, and manage infrastructure on any cloud using your favorite language.

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We have hundreds of microservices on-premises, and we are in the process of migrating them to the cloud. Pulumi is solving the multi-cloud problem exactly the way I was looking for. We want to empower our teams to think and act for themselves and Pulumi helps development teams build cloud infrastructure using a language of their choice and allows infrastructure engineering teams to build scalable reusable modules that can be leveraged by other teams. So far, it’s proving to be much easier to develop and I like the ability for different teams to collaborate on infrastructure code. Our team really enjoys working with the Pulumi team and working on the actual Pulumi product.
Dinesh Ramamurthy, Engineering Manager
Mercedes-Benz Research & Development North America

Go Multi-Cloud

Use the best of your chosen cloud — containers, serverless, and managed infrastructure — while also unleashing one consistent approach to software delivery no matter your cloud provider.


Rapidly deploy container-based apps into any cloud or cloud-native infrastructure from AWS Fargate to Kubernetes.

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Flexibly solve a wide variety of tasks including scalable websites and APIs, event streaming and processing, all through multi-cloud and multi-language microservices.

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Define cloud services and infrastructure in code, then continuously deploy. Correct issues in infrastructure automatically to return to the desired state.

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Deploy and orchestrate cloud native container-based apps on Kubernetes, either on-premises or in the cloud. Use real code to define and deploy Kubernetes services.

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What They're Saying About Pulumi

We're excited to see Pulumi deliver a pure code multi-cloud cloud programming model. Combined with IOpipe, teams can deploy, test, and debug their code faster.
Erica Windisch, Co-founder and CTO
With Pulumi, we have the tools to achieve a unified DevOps model. We retired 25,000 lines of complex config and replaced it with 100s of lines of real code with Pulumi.
Kim Hamilton, CTO
Learning Machine

Any Code. Any Cloud. Any Team.

Unify development and devops practices to define, deploy, and manage cloud apps and infrastructure.

Any Code.

Maximize your productivity by defining cloud apps and resources as code in familiar languages.

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Any Cloud.

Deploy cloud apps and infrastructure anywhere. Eliminate cloud specific DSLs to simplify multi cloud management.

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Any Team.

Make use of preferred practices to deliver cloud native apps and infrastructure with enterprise-grade workflows.

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