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// Deploy a custom container image based on nginx

import * as cloud from "@pulumi/cloud";

let nginx = new cloud.Service("nginx", {
    build: ".",
    ports: [{ port: 80 }],
    replicas: 2,
export let url = nginx.defaultEndpoint;
// Create a serverless REST API

import * as cloud from "@pulumi/cloud";

let app = new cloud.API("my-app");
app.static("/", "www");

// Serve a simple REST API on `GET /hello`:
app.get("/hello", (req, res) => 
        res.json({ hello: "World!" }));

export let url = app.publish().url;
// Create a simple web server
const aws = require("@pulumi/aws");
let size = "t2.micro";
let ami  = "ami-7172b611"

let server = new aws.ec2.Instance("web-server-www", {
    tags: { "Name": "web-server-www" },
    instanceType: size,
    securityGroups: [ ], 
    ami: ami,
    userData: userData              
exports.publicIp = server.publicIp;
exports.publicHostName = server.publicDns;
// Deploy 3 replicas of an nginx pod
import * as k8s from "@pulumi/kubernetes";

function deploy(name, replicas, pod) {
   return new k8s.apps.v1beta1.Deployment(name, {
      spec: {
         selector: { matchLabels: pod.metadata.labels },
         replicas: replicas,
         template: pod

const nginxServer = deploy("nginx", 3, {
   metadata: { labels: { app: "nginx" } },
   spec: { 
      containers: [{ name: "nginx", 
                     image: "nginx:1.15-alpine" }]

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