Pulumi Deployments

The fastest way to go from code to cloud

Pulumi Deployments is a new feature that automates the execution of your Pulumi programs in a secure, hosted environment. Deploy any stack with a click of a button, git push, or API call. Available in preview today.

Pulumi Deployments Architecture Screenshot

How will Pulumi Deployments benefit me?

Pulumi Deployments accelerates your rate of infrastructure deployments by executing pulumi up commands remotely whenever you click a button, push to a GitHub branch, or call the Deployments REST API. Instead of using the CLI, you can use a managed service to run your Pulumi programs which enables you to automate cloud deployments at scale. Pulumi Deployments is based on the same technology as Pulumi Automation API, which lets organizations manage more than ten times the cloud infrastructure resources per engineer when compared to other infrastructure as code tools.

How can I use Pulumi Deployments today?

Pulumi Deployments supports three main scenarios during the preview. More scenarios are planned in our roadmap and we are accepting feedback from customers to shape the future of this feature.
Git Push to Deploy

Deploy infrastructure with each push to a GitHub branch, using pull request workflows to trigger deployments.

Deploy with Pulumi

Deploy infrastructure with a click of a button from the Pulumi Service console. Supports update, preview, refresh, and destroy commands.


Deploy infrastructure by calling the Pulumi Service REST API. You can also use the REST API from Automation API code.

Learn More

Announcement Blog

To learn more about the Pulumi Deployments Preview and see examples of it in action, read the launch announcement blog.


Refer to our documentation to get Pulumi Deployments set up once you have been accepted into the Preview.