Pulumi Deployments

The fastest way to go from code to cloud

Pulumi Deployments gives you a fast and simple way to deploy infrastructure to any cloud using GitHub pull requests or API calls. You don’t have to install and configure a local CLI because Pulumi Deployments executes Pulumi commands in Pulumi Cloud. Available now in preview.

Pulumi Deployments Architecture Screenshot

“Pulumi allows every engineer to build and update infrastructure instead of only our infrastructure team. With Pulumi Deployments, we could easily set up a standardized CI/CD infrastructure workflow for every engineer that immediately makes them productive.”

Aaron Gibralter

Head of Engineering at Mighty

“I’m making developers at Alkira significantly more productive while also making my job easier using Pulumi. I can get developers using IaC immediately with Pulumi Deployments and its GitHub integration, while Pulumi Insights makes it really easy to find idle developer environments that need to be shut down, which reduces our cloud costs.”

Santosh Dornal

Head of Software Test & DevOps at Alkira

How will Pulumi Deployments benefit me?

Pulumi Deployments makes it easier for you and engineers on your team to collaborate on infrastructure changes and deploy changes automatically through your existing GitHub pull request workflow. There is minimal setup and you can standardize your deployment workflow through GitHub and Pulumi. In addition, you can build your own custom deployment workflows with Automation API code and offload the deployment workload to Pulumi Deployments instead of running it locally with the Pulumi CLI. Pulumi Deployments is based on the same technology as Pulumi Automation API.

How can I use Pulumi Deployments today?

Git Push to Deploy

Deploy infrastructure with each push to a GitHub branch, using pull requests to review changes in ephemeral Review Stacks before deploying them.

Click to Deploy

Deploy infrastructure with a click of a button from the Pulumi Cloud console. Run update, preview, refresh, and destroy commands.


Deploy infrastructure by calling the Pulumi Service REST API. You can also use the API to run Remote Automation API code.

Learn More

Announcement Blog

To learn more about the Pulumi Deployments Preview and see examples of it in action, read the launch announcement blog.


Refer to our documentation to get Pulumi Deployments set up once you have been accepted into the Preview.