Pulumi Deployments

Infrastructure lifecycle management

Pulumi Deployments is an infrastructure lifecycle management service. It provides automation of deployment and operational workflows for cloud infrastructure. With Pulumi Deployments, you can orchestrate with ease the at-scale complexities of production infrastructure.

“Pulumi allows every engineer to build and update infrastructure instead of only our infrastructure team. With Pulumi Deployments, we could easily set up a standardized CI/CD infrastructure workflow for every engineer that immediately makes them productive.”

Aaron Gibralter

Head of Engineering at Mighty

“At Oleria, we understand the importance of addressing issues with privacy, security, and data integrity. Earning and maintaining our trust isn’t just a responsibility but a fundamental aspect of our mission. Pulumi also understands how these attributes affect cloud infrastructure. Our team is excited to use these new [infrastructure lifecycle management] capabilities, giving us even more confidence as we enable our customers to securely manage access to decentralized SaaS applications, adaptively and intelligently."

Jim Alkove

CEO of Oleria

“I’m making developers at Alkira significantly more productive while also making my job easier using Pulumi. I can get developers using IaC immediately with Pulumi Deployments and its GitHub integration, while Pulumi Insights makes it really easy to find idle developer environments that need to be shut down, which reduces our cloud costs.”

Santosh Dornal

Head of Software Test & DevOps at Alkira

How will Pulumi Deployments benefit me?

Pulumi Deployments makes it easier for you and engineers on your team to manage the entire lifecycle of infrastructure from provisioning to tear down. You can choose from different workflows such as GitHub pull request triggered deployments, stacks with time based automatic deletions, scheduled automations, and more.

You can also orchestrate custom workflows with Automation API and offload the workflow execution to Pulumi Deployments instead of running the Automation API code locally yourself. Pulumi Deployments is a fully managed service with minimal setup and is available through Pulumi Cloud.

How can I use Pulumi Deployments today?

Git Push to Deploy

Deploy infrastructure with each push to a GitHub branch, using pull requests to review changes in ephemeral Review Stacks before deploying them.

Click to Deploy

Deploy infrastructure with a click of a button from the Pulumi Cloud console. Run update, preview, refresh, and destroy commands.


Deploy infrastructure by calling the Pulumi Service REST API. You can also use the API to run Remote Automation API code.

Review Stacks

Automate the creation and deletion of dedicated cloud environments for every pull request, enabling cost-effective reviews.

TTL Stacks

Automatically cleanup infrastructure with self-destroying (automatic deletion) stacks.

Scheduled Deployments

Automate cloud operations (update, refresh, destroy) on defined schedules using cron expressions.

Enterprise ready features

Drift Detection

Continuously detect and remediate drift, the deviation of actual cloud infrastructure from the infrastructure as code source of truth.

OIDC Support

Use OpenID Connect Configuration to use short-lived tokens issued by Pulumi Cloud to make changes to your cloud resources.

GitHub Enterprise Support

Integrate Pulumi Deployments into your GitHub Enterprise instance so developers can provision infrastructure through GitHub.

ChatOps Integration

Get status notifications in Slack and Microsoft Teams for deployment statuses.

Self-hosted Runners

Run agents on your own private infrastructure for more control over your Pulumi Deployments.

Flexible Webhooks

Program custom workflows using events sent from Pulumi Deployments.


Pulumi Deployments costs $0.01 per deployment minute.
Any charges from Pulumi Deployments are in addition to your Pulumi Cloud edition billing. See Pricing to learn more.


500 included Pulumi Deployments minutes/month

Everything to get started:
  • 500 included deploy minutes/month
  • Deploy via GitHub, API, and console
  • Self-hosted deployment runners available


$0.01 /
Everything in Individual, plus:
  • 3,000 included Pulumi Deployments minutes/month, then $0.01 per deploy minute
  • 5 concurrent deployments
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Everything in Team, plus:
  • Volume pricing available
  • Drift detection
  • Time-to-live stacks
  • Scheduled deployments
  • 25 concurrent deployments

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Everything in Enterprise, plus:
  • Volume pricing available
  • GitHub Enterprise integration
  • 150 concurrent deployments
  • Self-hosted deployment runners included

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