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Pulumi is a Cloud Development Platform. Get code to the cloud quickly with productive tools and frameworks for both Dev and DevOps. Define cloud services -- from serverless to containers to virtual machines -- using code in your favorite languages. Deploy to any cloud, and manage it once there, with collaboration for Teams and Enterprises, realizing a true cloud native and multi-cloud application delivery strategy.

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Pulumi Leadership

Joe Duffy

Co-Founder and CEO

Eric Rudder

Co-Founder and Executive Chairman

Luke Hoban


Marc Holmes


Pulumi Team

Justin Van Patten

Software Engineer

Matt Ellis

Software Engineer

Pat Gavlin

Software Engineer

Sean Gillespie

Software Engineer

Alex Clemmer

Software Engineer

Chris Smith

Software Engineer

Cyrus Najmabadi

Software Engineer


Pulumi Investors

Press releases

18th June 2018

Pulumi Launches Cloud Development Platform to Help Teams Get Code to the Cloud Faster
Company funded by Madrona Venture Group and Tola Capital to help companies accelerate cloud application development and infrastructure delivery. Read more...

Recent news

19th June 2018


Pulumi: Using Languages to Program Across Clouds.

18th June 2018


Meet Pulumi, a Seattle-grown cloud startup that wants to be the development platform for the multicloud era.

18th June 2018


Pulumi wants to let you manage your infrastructure with code.

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Find out how Pulumi provides a programming model for the cloud, designed to unlock the full power of serverless, container, and data service architectures.

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