Pulumi Insights

for Infrastructure as Code

Pulumi Insights is Intelligence for Infrastructure as Code. It adds advanced search, analytics, and AI to infrastructure as code. With Insights, you can gain unique insights into your company’s cloud usage and trends and boost engineering productivity.

Gain Unique Insights

Analyze and dig into your organization’s cloud usage and trends.

Increase Productivity

Reduce lead time from ideation to delivery through Pulumi AI and Pulumi Copilot.

Improve Operations

Analyze and update infrastructure to optimize costs, enhance security, and ensure compliance.

New product announcement: Pulumi Copilot - Intelligent Cloud Management


Automate infrastructure with the power of AI

Author infastructure as code programs in your favorite programming language and automate infrastructure management tasks through AI. You can tap into the Pulumi Copilot’s deep understanding of your user and organization context to gain visibility into your team’s activity, discover cost saving opportunities, get compliance, and debug cloud failures.
Pulumi Insights AI

“I’m making developers at Alkira significantly more productive while also making my job easier using Pulumi’s IaC platform and features like Pulumi Insights and Deployments. I can get developers using IaC immediately with Pulumi Deployments and its GitHub integration, while Pulumi Insights makes it really easy to find idle developer environments that need to be shut down, which reduces our cloud costs.”

Santosh Dornal

Head of Software Test & DevOps at Alkira


Gain deeper insights into infrastructure as code

Identify anomalies or trends in resource usage and dig into cost, security, and compliance concerns. You can programmatically query a REST API to add automation around search results or to integrate with internal platforms and dashboards. You can export data to other data warehouses including Snowflake, Amazon Redshift, Google BigQuery and Azure Synapse. You also have built-in dashboards that give you key insights about cloud usage.
Pulumi Insights Analytics


Pulumi Insights is included for all resources managed by Pulumi Cloud.

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