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Confirmed Speakers

Dax Road

Founding Engineer


Jeremy Adams

Head of Ecosystems


Patty O'Callaghan

Technical Director

Charles River Laboratories

James Clark

Principal Software Engineer


Ash Martian

Data Engineer


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PulumiUP focuses on engineers & developers, from individual contributors to team leaders and founders. It provides a range of benefits, including:

  • Learning: You can learn best practices, the latest about Pulumi, and infrastructure as code. Build new skills, gain experience, and create innovative solutions.
  • Networking: meet and connect with other software engineers, cloud infrastructure experts, and industry leaders. This can lead to valuable contacts, collaborations, and opportunities.
  • Professional advancement: our speakers are doers - they have tackled and overcome real situations and challenges. Learn from them, implement their techniques, and transform your organization, business, and yourself.

PulumiUP is a great way to stay informed, connected, and engaged with the field of cloud, software development, and infrastructure as code.

Amazing Speakers

Listen to their stories, from industry leaders to software engineers who became inspiring founders.

Professional Growth

Learn what’s new, best practices and trends. Hear from those who talk the talk, and walk the walk.

Network and Participate

Meet peers, expand your industry and professional network. Participate in contests, share ideas and join Q&As

Watch PulumiUP 2023 On-Demand

Get ready for the future of cloud development! Listen to industry experts in our unfiltered panel discussion on how AI is transforming the cloud native landscape. Stay ahead of the curve by hearing and learning from the best in the industry.

Luke Hoban

CTO / TypeScript Co-creator


Amanda Silver

CVP Developer Tools


Beyang Liu

Co-Founder / CTO


Be a part of shaping the future of cloud infrastructure!
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  • Amanda Silver
    Amanda Silver
    CVP Developer Tools
  • Beyang Liu
    Beyang Liu
    Co-Founder and CTO
  • Sam Cogan
    Sam Cogan
    Solution Architect
    Willis Towers Watson
  • Tim Holm
    Tim Holm
    Co-Founder and CTO
  • Ala Shiban
    Ala Shiban
    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Sefi Genis
    Sefi Genis
    Co-Founder and CTO
  • Matt Stephenson
    Matt Stephenson
    Sr. Principal Software Engineer
  • Dennis Sauvé
    Dennis Sauvé
    DevOps Engineer
    Washington Trust Bank
  • Tyler Scheuble
    Tyler Scheuble
    Head of Platform
    People Data Labs
  • Aaron Torres
    Aaron Torres
  • Meagan Cojocar
    Meagan Cojocar
    Principal Product Manager
  • Zaid Ajaj
    Zaid Ajaj
    Software Engineer
  • Joe Duffy
    Joe Duffy
    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Luke Hoban
    Luke Hoban
  • Evan Boyle
    Evan Boyle
    Engineering Manager

2023 Schedule At A Glance

Get inspired! Dive into the stories and experiences of innovators and experts, from Startup Founders to Industry Leaders.

8:00 AM PT
Hear from Joe Duffy, co-founder and CEO of Pulumi, about the latest announcements in Pulumi and Infrastructure as Code. Watch demos by Luke Hoban, CTO & co-founder, Meagan Cojocar, Principal Product manager, and Evan Boyle, Engineering Manager.
8:40 AM PT
Sam Cogan, Solution Architect at Willis Towers Watson, will show how you can build a library of reusable modules that you can reuse over and over in your IaC projects. This is not just about boilerplate code, but real, usable modules that provide value to your whole team, help you comply with standards, and build infrastructure faster.
9:00 AM PT
At financial institutions, data privacy and security aren’t just best practices, they’re Federal requirements. Join Dennis as he shares how Washington Trust Bank has modernized its software development and infrastructure practices since migrating to Azure and adopting infrastructure as code. He will cover how his team enables developers with infrastructure components, prevents developers from deploying forbidden resources with CrossGuard policies, and uses automation to save time and effort.
9:20 AM PT
Ala will share how Pulumi enables a new category of “cloud-aware” developer tools that leverage familiar programming languages and can lower barriers to entry to deploying cloud infrastructure for small teams that lack dedicated infrastructure experts. He’ll show how developers can easily create infrastructure from code using familiar languages and without having expertise with a given cloud provider. This enables rapid iteration on cloud applications for early-stage teams who are prototyping and iterating on new products.
9:40 AM PT
What happens when you combine the expressiveness and flexibility of programming with infrastructure as code automation? Magic. Join Matt as he demonstrates how Starburst uses Pulumi Automation API to increase the speed and accuracy of infrastructure operations (like blue-green deployments with Kubernetes clusters) with code. He will explain how Automation API has reduced complicated, unwieldy tasks into simpler tasks that are completely managed by code.
10:00 AM PT
10:10 AM PT

Many teams invest considerable time in defining architectures unique to a cloud service provider - only to discover the need to support a different cloud provider due to regional availability requirements, mergers, or new supply chain restrictions. In this session, Tim Holm, CTO at Nitric, will introduce key concepts and challenges that every team must consider when planning for cloud-agnostic delivery including:

  • Platform abstraction
  • Developer experience
  • Self-service Infrastructure
  • Team productivity Tim will also share how his team leveraged the Pulumi platform to build a cloud-agnostic toolset for developers.
10:30 AM PT
The way you structure your Pulumi projects and stacks in GitHub repositories can impact how well your organization ships infrastructure, especially when there are multiple teams of developers collaborating. Join Tyler as he shares best practices for using monorepos with Pulumi and how this pattern has supported his platform engineering team in delivering more efficient infrastructure deployments and updates, increased code sharing & reuse, and better collaboration.
10:50 AM PT

Immutable architecture is the backbone of infrastructure as code, to ensure production environments cannot be changed during runtime. While this has the benefits of its inherent safety measures, this can also be restrictive. This talk will focus on some of the fundamentals of immutable architecture, best practices and recommended design patterns to work around its limitations, as well as what you most certainly should not be doing when running immutable architecture.

This will be demonstrated through a real-world example of using Pulumi to deploy a single-tenant SaaS in an automated pipeline, typical challenges encountered, and what was learned on the way.

11:10 AM PT
Prepare yourself for the future of cloud development! Amanda Silver, CVP Developer Tools at Microsoft, Beyang Liu, Co-Founder & CTO at Sourcegraph and Luke Hoban, CTO at Pulumi, explore the transformative impact of AI on the cloud infrastructure and software engineering industries. This panel will discuss questions like “Where is the software development & infrastructure industry headed next with the rise of AI?” and “How will I benefit (or not) in a world where AI is more capable than ever.”
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