Self-Hosted Pulumi Cloud

Install self-hosted Pulumi

Maintain complete control over your hosting, network isolation, identity, and data ownership to satisfy compliance requirements. Request a license key to start a free trial today.

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Hosting Options

Install Self-Hosted Pulumi Cloud in any on-premises or cloud provider environment or run in air-gapped environments, including those requiring FedRAMP.

Talk to a Pulumi team member if you don’t see your desired deployment option.

Google Cloud
Google Cloud
Google Docs
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Capabilities of Self-Hosted Pulumi

Cloud engineering platform

All the capabilities of Pulumi Cloud: state management, role-based access controls, policy and compliance guardrails.

Full control of data

All data in Self-Hosted Pulumi is stored in a MySQL database and an encrypted object store within your own network.

Air-gapped communications

No communication outside of your private network, eliminating all communication over the public internet.

Federated identity & group management

Integrate with your preferred identity provider and manage permissions across your organization.

Identity providers include Azure Active Directory, Bitbucket, GitHub, GitLab, and SAML SSO.


Self-Hosted Pulumi is included in the Business Critical edition of Pulumi and provided as a free 30 day trial.

Request trial license key

Fill out the form to receive a license key required to activate your free 30 day Self-Hosted Pulumi trial.

Talk to a human

If you have any questions about Self-Hosted Pulumi, please contact us or visit the self-hosted docs.