Automation API

Harness the full power of Infrastructure as Code

Pulumi Automation API exposes the full power of infrastructure as code through a programmatic interface, instead of through CLI commands. Automation API lets you use the Pulumi engine as an SDK, enabling you to create software that can create, update, configure, and destroy infrastructure dynamically. This enables you to build custom cloud interfaces that are tailored to your team, organization, or customers.

The benefits of using Automation API

Programmatic Infrastructure as Code

Use the Pulumi engine as a strongly typed SDK in your application code, enabling it to call functions that can provision and configure infrastructure on any cloud.

Scale the distribution of best practices

Codify best practices for cloud infrastructure within custom applications or tools that allow your organization’s developers to easily provision and use approved infrastructure.

Build abstractions and custom interfaces

Automation API enables you to build custom cloud interfaces for your technical end users. For example, build self-service developer portals, CLIs, frameworks, and CI/CD workflows.

Manage single-tenant deployments at scale

Easily build high-scale, SaaS applications that serve customers with single-tenant instances. Automate creating and managing infrastructure for thousands of unique customers.

Use Cases

Leading engineering organizations are building with Pulumi

More Examples

Visit our GitHub repository to see more end-to-end examples of how you can use Automation API.

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Watch as we build a self-service infrastructure platform with Python and Flask with the Automation API

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