Automation API

What if infrastructure as code was just a library?

Build custom cloud tools, frameworks, self-serve portals, and more, right from your favorite programming language.

Pulumi Automation API architecture


Deliver Your Cloud SaaS Product

Ship innovative new products that uses the cloud in new ways, deeply embedded within a larger system. Eliminate clumsy interfaces between application and infrastructure code with rich programmable libraries for any cloud resource.

Build Self-Serve Portals

Build internal platforms that provision and manage cloud resources behind the scenes with the full power of modern infrastructure as code. Empower developers to be self-serve, knowing that standard patterns and practices are behind used consistently across the team.

Create Custom Tools and Frameworks

Package up common patterns and practices to create higher-level cloud tools and frameworks for developers. Create purpose-built CLIs that abstract away complexity so you can delight your users in their journey to the cloud.

Your Cloud

Program the full surface area of thousands of cloud resource types in public clouds including AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Kubernetes, and many others.

Your Language

Embed infrastructure as code capabilities into standard programs and libraries, including Node.js (JavaScript, TypeScript), Python, Go, and .NET (C#, F#).

Your Way

Deliver powerful new cloud capabilities any way you want — behind a UI, REST API, internal PaaS, custom library of your own — the sky's the limit.

Pulumi improved our time-to-market by removing cloud infrastructure as a roadblock. Our developers rely on Pulumi to build modern cloud applications, including the underlying infrastructure, using programming languages they understand. This has resulted in faster software delivery, closer collaboration and higher-quality deployments. Every developer is now empowered to move faster and spend more time on developing things that matter to our customers.

Keith Redmond

VP of SaaS Engineering

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