1. How to retrieve VPC subnet ID and name with Pulumi?


    You can retrieve VPC subnet information using Pulumi's resource classes that interact with AWS networking infrastructure.

    Below is a Pulumi program that retrieves a list of all subnets in a specified VPC. This is done using the aws.ec2.getSubnetIds function, which returns a list of all subnet IDs associated with a VPC. It then uses aws.ec2.getSubnet to get details about each individual subnet, like its ID and name (provided it was given a name via tags).

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws"; // Specify the ID of your VPC let vpcId = "<your-vpc-id>"; // Get a list of subnet IDs associated with the provided VPC ID let vpcSubnetIds = aws.ec2.getSubnetIds({ vpcId: vpcId }); // Log each subnet ID and name vpcSubnetIds.ids.then(ids => { ids.forEach(id => { let subnet = aws.ec2.getSubnet({ id: id }); subnet.then(s => console.log(`ID: ${s.id}, Name: ${s.tags!["Name"]}`)); }); });

    Make sure to replace "<your-vpc-id>" with the actual ID of your VPC.

    Note that the subnet's name comes from the subnet's tags, specifically a tag named "Name". If a subnet does not have a "Name" tag, it is possible that s.tags!["Name"] could return undefined.

    This program should output the ID and name of each subnet within the specified VPC.

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