1. What should I do to create an AWS-native SNS topic in TypeScript


    To create an AWS-native Simple Notification Service (SNS) topic using Pulumi in TypeScript, you'll first need to make sure that you have Pulumi installed and configured to use with AWS. Once you have Pulumi set up, you can write a program to create an SNS topic.

    We'll be using the @pulumi/aws-native package, which is designed to work smoothly with AWS Cloud services and provides an interface to work with AWS resources natively.

    Here's how you can create an SNS topic with Pulumi:

    1. Install the necessary NPM package for AWS native:

      npm install @pulumi/aws-native
    2. Write the TypeScript program to create the SNS topic:

    import * as aws_native from "@pulumi/aws-native"; const snsTopic = new aws_native.sns.Topic("mySNSTopic", { displayName: "My SNS Topic", // Optionally, you can provide other properties such as tags, fifoTopic, etc. // tags: [ // { key: "Environment", value: "Production" }, // { key: "Purpose", value: "Application Notifications" }, // ], // fifoTopic: false, // Set to true if you need a FIFO topic }); export const topicArn = snsTopic.arn;

    The code above does the following:

    • Imports the AWS native package for Pulumi.
    • Creates a new SNS topic with a display name. Note that displayName is optional, it's provided here for a more readable name for the topic in the AWS console. If you don't specify a displayName, AWS will generate a name for you.
    • Optionally, you can uncomment and fill in the tags property to organize your resources or use a FIFO topic by setting fifoTopic to true.
    • Exports the SNS topic's ARN (Amazon Resource Name) which can be useful if you need to refer to it in other parts of your infrastructure or applications.

    Once written, you would run the program with the Pulumi CLI:

    pulumi up

    This command will prompt you to confirm the actions before any resources are created on AWS. Once you approve, Pulumi will provision the SNS topic for you.

    After running the program, given everything is set up correctly, Pulumi will create the SNS topic in your AWS account, and the returned ARN can be used to subscribe endpoints to this topic or to set up publishing to this topic from other AWS services or your applications.