1. Public IP Addressing for OCI Data Catalog


    To configure Public IP Addressing for an OCI Data Catalog, you need to work with several Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) resources. The main resource of interest for public IP addressing in OCI is the oci.Core.PublicIp resource. This resource allows you to create and manage public IP addresses, which can be used to create publicly accessible endpoints for your resources on Oracle Cloud.

    Here’s a breakdown of what we will do in the Pulumi program:

    1. Provision a Public IP Address using oci.Core.PublicIp.
    2. Optionally, if needed, assign the provisioned public IP to other resources such as a compute instance or a load balancer that would be part of an OCI Data Catalog service deployment.

    Before you start, make sure you have the OCI Pulumi provider configured and that you’re authenticated with the necessary permissions to create resources within your compartment.

    Below is a Pulumi program written in Python that provisions a public IP address in OCI, which could be used to expose your OCI Data Catalog:

    import pulumi import pulumi_oci as oci # Initialize a new Public IP Address resource public_ip = oci.core.PublicIp("myPublicIp", # Specify the compartment where the Public Ip will be created compartment_id=oci.config.require("compartment"), # Provide a display name for clarity in the OCI console display_name="MyDataCatalogPublicIP", # Specify the lifetime of the Public IP. Setting 'RESERVED' makes it permanent until it's manually deleted. lifetime="RESERVED", # Allocate the Public IP from a specific Public IP pool if required, otherwise it will be allocated from the regional pool # public_ip_pool_id=None ) # Export the Assigned IP Address so you can use it later, e.g., to point a domain name to it pulumi.export("public_ip_address", public_ip.ip_address)

    This code sample uses the oci.Core.PublicIp class from the Pulumi OCI provider to create a reserved public IP address. You can customize the compartment_id and display_name to suit your environment. Once a public IP is created, it can be assigned to other OCI resources, such as a load balancer or a compute instance serving your data catalog's front end.

    The pulumi.export line outputs the provisioned IP address so that you can use it outside Pulumi, for instance, to configure DNS.

    Please ensure that you replace oci.config.require("compartment") with the actual Compartment ID where you want to create the Public IP resource within your OCI account. You need to have a Pulumi.yaml configuration file with your compartment ID specified or you can set it directly in your program.

    This program, once executed, will give you a static public IP address which you can then use to set up your networking and access control rules to expose the OCI Data Catalog or any service associated with it to the public internet in a controlled way.