1. How to code Azure App Configuration setup?


    To set up Azure App Configuration using Pulumi, you will primarily use the azure.appconfiguration.ConfigurationStore resource from the azure package.

    Azure App Configuration is a managed service that helps developers centralize their application and feature settings simply and securely.

    Below is a TypeScript program that creates an instance of the Azure App Configuration.

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as azure from "@pulumi/azure"; const config = new pulumi.Config(); const location = config.require("location"); // Create an Azure Resource Group const resourceGroup = new azure.core.ResourceGroup("resourceGroup", { location: location, }); // Create an Azure App Configuration const appConfig = new azure.appconfiguration.ConfigurationStore("configStore", { resourceGroupName: resourceGroup.name, sku: "free", // Upgrade to "standard" once your usage grows, but "free" is a good start. location: resourceGroup.location, }); // Export the connection string for the App Configuration export const connectionString = appConfig.connectionString;

    In this program:

    1. We import the required modules.
    2. We create an Azure Resource Group where our app configuration will be located.
    3. We create the App Configuration by using the azure.appconfiguration.ConfigurationStore class. You can find more information on it here.
    4. Finally, we export the connection string for the App Configuration using the connectionString property of the appConfig object. You'll use this in your Azure services to read the configuration.

    In order to run this program, you need to configure Pulumi with Azure and set the Pulumi configuration location if you haven't done so:

    $ pulumi config set azure:location <AzureRegion>

    Please replace <AzureRegion> with your desired Azure region, such as WestUS.