1. Deploy the pureStorageDriver helm chart on Kubernetes


    To deploy the Pure Storage CSI driver Helm chart on a Kubernetes cluster using Pulumi, you will use the Chart resource from the Pulumi Kubernetes provider. This resource allows you to deploy Helm charts in a Kubernetes cluster.

    The Pure Storage CSI driver is a Helm chart that is used to connect your Kubernetes workloads to your Pure Storage backends. The Pulumi program below will demonstrate how to deploy this Helm chart to your existing Kubernetes cluster.

    First, make sure you have a Kubernetes cluster running and kubectl configured properly to connect to it. You will also need to have Helm installed and configured to add the Pure Storage chart repository if it isn't included by default in Helm's repository.

    Here's a step-by-step Pulumi TypeScript program that deploys the Pure Storage CSI driver:

    import * as k8s from "@pulumi/kubernetes"; // Assuming you have configured kubectl to connect to your Kubernetes cluster, // and have the necessary permissions to deploy resources. // Define the name of the Pure Storage Helm chart and the version you want to install const pureStorageChartName = "pure-csi"; const pureStorageChartVersion = "x.y.z"; // replace with the desired chart version const pureStorageChartRepo = "https://purestorage.github.io/helm-charts"; // The Helm repo URL for the Pure Storage Helm charts // Create a Helm chart resource using the `k8s.helm.v3.Chart` class. const pureStorageChart = new k8s.helm.v3.Chart("pureStorageDriver", { // Specify the chart repository, name, and version chart: pureStorageChartName, version: pureStorageChartVersion, fetchOpts: { repo: pureStorageChartRepo, }, // Define any custom values for your Helm chart // Note: Replace the `...` with actual keys and values required by the pureStorage CSI chart values: { // ... }, // Define the namespace where you want to deploy the Helm chart // Note: Make sure the namespace exists or set `createNamespace: true` to let Helm create it namespace: "pure-storage-namespace", }); // Export the status of the deployment export const status = pureStorageChart.status;

    In this program:

    • We import the Kubernetes library from Pulumi, which gives us access to all Kubernetes resources, including the ability to install Helm charts.
    • We specify the name, version, and repository of the Pure Storage CSI driver Helm chart.
    • We create a new Chart resource, providing the chart name, version, and custom values that you might need to provide for your Pure Storage CSI driver installation.
    • We export the status of the Helm chart, which will be useful to verify if the chart was deployed successfully. This is typically done using pulumi up which shows the outputs after applying changes.

    Please replace pureStorageChartVersion with the correct chart version you want to install and setup the values with appropriate values required by the chart. To obtain these details, you should refer to the official documentation of the Pure Storage CSI driver.

    You can run this Pulumi program by saving it to a index.ts file within a Pulumi project directory. Ensure Pulumi is installed and configured for TypeScript, and then run pulumi up to deploy the Helm chart to your Kubernetes cluster.