1. Adding SSL Certificates for AI Dataset Transfer Endpoints


    To add SSL certificates to AI dataset transfer endpoints, we will assume that your datasets are hosted on a cloud platform and you need secure transfer over HTTPS. SSL certificates are used to encrypt the data in transit, ensuring that any data transferred to and from your dataset endpoints remain secure.

    In this example, we will use Google Cloud Platform (GCP) to demonstrate how you can manage your SSL certificates for HTTPS endpoints using Pulumi, an infrastructure as code tool. Specifically, we're going to use the ManagedSslCertificate resource from the pulumi_gcp package to automate the deployment and management of SSL certificates.

    The ManagedSslCertificate resource enables us to create, configure, and install SSL certificates on our Google Cloud infrastructure. With Pulumi, we can describe our SSL certificate needs in code and apply them programmatically.

    Here is a Pulumi program written in Python that shows how you could provision an SSL certificate in GCP for an HTTPS endpoint:

    import pulumi import pulumi_gcp as gcp # Create a managed SSL certificate resource managed_ssl_cert = gcp.compute.ManagedSslCertificate("managed-ssl-cert", name="my-dataset-transfer-ssl-cert", managed=gcp.compute.ManagedSslCertificateManagedArgs( domains=["my-dataset-transfer-endpoint.example.com"] ) ) # Export the certificate name and the self link of the managed SSL certificate # which can be used to associate it with other resources like load balancers. pulumi.export("certificate_name", managed_ssl_cert.name) pulumi.export("certificate_self_link", managed_ssl_cert.self_link)

    In the code above, we:

    1. Import the necessary Pulumi modules.
    2. Create a ManagedSslCertificate named 'managed-ssl-cert'.
    3. Specify the domain name for which this certificate is being created. Typically, this is the URL where your AI datasets are accessed.
    4. Export the certificate name and a self_link. The name can be useful for reference, and the self_link is often needed to associate the SSL certificate with a load balancer or another GCP resource.

    After this program is run using Pulumi, it provisions an SSL certificate available for your applications running on Google Cloud. This certificate can then secure your dataset transfer endpoints. You can attach this certificate to a load balancer or other GCP resources that serve your AI datasets to ensure secure, encrypted connections.

    To apply this Pulumi code:

    1. Ensure you have Pulumi installed and configured with access to your GCP account.
    2. Save this code in a file named __main__.py.
    3. Run pulumi up via your command line in the directory where your file is saved.

    When you run pulumi up, Pulumi will show you a preview of the resources that it will create for you. After confirmation, it will provision the ManagedSslCertificate in your GCP project.

    Please note that this code assumes you have already set up a domain and the necessary DNS configuration for your endpoint. If you need to set up DNS records or configure domain validation for your SSL certificates, you may need to add further resources to this Pulumi program, which will involve additional steps not included in this example.