1. Centralized ID Management in AI Workflows via Keycloak OIDC


    To implement centralized ID management in AI workflows using Keycloak with OpenID Connect (OIDC), you'll need to set up an identity provider within Keycloak. This identity provider will be responsible for authenticating and managing user identities for your application.

    Pulumi provides an integration with Keycloak through the pulumi_keycloak package which includes resources for configuring Keycloak, such as setting up OIDC Identity Providers, adding users, configuring clients, and more.

    Below is a Pulumi program written in Python that sets up a Keycloak OIDC Identity Provider. The program will:

    1. Import the necessary Keycloak module.
    2. Create a new OIDC Identity Provider within a specified realm.
    3. Configure properties like the client ID, client secret, and the endpoint URLs that are necessary for OIDC to function.
    import pulumi import pulumi_keycloak as keycloak # Provide the realm where the OIDC identity provider will be configured. realm_name = "my-realm" # Create a Keycloak OIDC Identity Provider within the specified realm. oidc_provider = keycloak.oidc.IdentityProvider("my-oidc-provider", alias="my-oidc-provider-alias", realm=realm_name, enabled=True, # The identity provider is enabled by default. provider_id="oidc", # This indicates that the identity provider is of the type OIDC. client_id="my-client-id", client_secret="my-client-secret", # The token, authorization, and logout URLs are typically provided by the OIDC service. # Replace with actual URLs from your OIDC provider. token_url="https://<oidc-provider>/token", logout_url="https://<oidc-provider>/logout", authorization_url="https://<oidc-provider>/auth" ) # Export the ID of the created OIDC Identity Provider. pulumi.export("oidc_provider_id", oidc_provider.id)


    • The pulumi_keycloak module is imported to provide access to Keycloak's resources within the Pulumi program.
    • A realm is a Keycloak concept that represents a space where managed user identities, credentials, roles, and groups live. You must specify the realm_name where your OIDC Identity Provider will be created.
    • The keycloak.oidc.IdentityProvider resource is what sets up the OIDC provider within Keycloak. This includes specifying the alias, enabling it, determining the provider ID (which is oidc for OIDC providers), and configuring the client information and endpoints.


    • Please replace "my-realm", "my-oidc-provider-alias", "my-client-id", and "my-client-secret" with actual values appropriate for your setup.
    • In the token_url, logout_url, and authorization_url, you should use the actual URLs provided by your OIDC service provider.

    By deploying this Pulumi program, you will establish the foundation of centralized ID management for your AI workflows, and you can proceed to integrate this identity provider with your applications and services accordingly.