1. IP Whitelisting for Machine Learning Workstation IPs on Mongo Atlas


    To set up IP whitelisting for Machine Learning Workstation IPs on MongoDB Atlas, you can use the Pulumi MongoDB Atlas provider. The resource ProjectIpAccessList is used to manage IP access for projects within your MongoDB Atlas account. This allows you to specify which IP addresses or CIDR blocks have access to your MongoDB clusters.

    In essence, you create an instance of ProjectIpAccessList for each IP address or CIDR block you want to whitelist. The IP addresses of your Machine Learning workstations will be included in this access list, granting them the necessary permissions to access the MongoDB Atlas clusters.

    Below is a Pulumi program written in Python that sets up IP whitelisting. This example assumes you have a MongoDB Atlas project and API keys already set up. You will need to replace the placeholder values with your actual MongoDB Atlas projectId and the specific IP addresses (or CIDR blocks) of your Machine Learning workstations you wish to whitelist.

    import pulumi import pulumi_mongodbatlas as mongodbatlas # Replace 'your_project_id' with your actual MongoDB Atlas Project ID. project_id = 'your_project_id' # Replace the following list with the IP addresses (or CIDR blocks) of your Machine Learning workstations. workstation_ips = [ '', # Example IP address of a machine learning workstation '', # Another example IP # Add more IPs as needed ] # Loop through the list of workstation IPs and create an IP access list entry for each. for ip in workstation_ips: ip_access_list = mongodbatlas.ProjectIpAccessList(f'ipAccessList-{ip}', project_id=project_id, ip_address=ip, # Optionally, include a comment for each IP entry for better manageability. comment=f'Whitelisted IP for machine learning workstation: {ip}' ) # Output the whitelist entry ID (optional, useful for verification or further scripting). pulumi.export(f'ipAccessListId-{ip}', ip_access_list.id) # Make sure your Pulumi stack is correctly configured for the MongoDB Atlas provider. # This includes setting up any necessary API keys and permissions in your Atlas account. # Run `pulumi up` to deploy the changes. This will create IP access list entries in MongoDB Atlas # for the specified IP addresses, effectively whitelisting them for access.

    Things to know:

    • In this program, we are creating IP whitelist entries using the ProjectIpAccessList resource type.
    • The project_id should be set to the ID of your MongoDB Atlas project.
    • The ip_address argument takes an IP address or a CIDR block that you want to whitelist.
    • We are outputting the ID of each created IP access list entry for reference. This can be helpful for administrative purposes or future automation tasks.
    • You must ensure that your Pulumi configuration is properly set up with your MongoDB Atlas API keys and appropriate permissions.

    When you run this Pulumi program using the pulumi up command, Pulumi will communicate with MongoDB Atlas to create the specified IP access list entries. This will implement the required IP whitelisting for your Machine Learning workstation IPs, allowing them secure access to your MongoDB Atlas databases.