1. Managing Access to AI Notebooks with GCP IAM


    To manage access to AI Notebooks in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) using Pulumi's infrastructure as code approach, you need to work with GCP's Identity and Access Management (IAM) resources. By defining IAM policies, you assign roles and permissions to specific users or service accounts, providing granular control over who can access your AI Notebooks instances.

    In the Pulumi program below, we will focus on the InstanceIamMember resource which is used to assign IAM roles to a particular member (user or service account) for an AI Notebook instance. This could allow a user to have roles like 'editor', 'viewer', or specific permissions related to AI Notebooks.

    Here's how you can manage access to GCP AI Notebooks using Pulumi in Python:

    1. gcp.notebooks.InstanceIamMember: This resource is used to assign roles to a user or service account for a specific AI Notebook instance within your GCP project. You specify the instance, the role you’d like the user to have, and the user’s identity.

    Here is a detailed Pulumi Python program that sets up an IAM policy for a GCP AI Notebook instance. This program provides one user with viewer access:

    import pulumi import pulumi_gcp as gcp # Replace these variables with actual values you would like to use project = "my-gcp-project" location = "us-central1" instance_name = "my-notebook-instance" member = "user:someone@example.com" viewer_role = "roles/notebooks.viewer" # Assuming an AI Notebooks instance has already been created, you can manage IAM separately. notebook_instance_iam = gcp.notebooks.InstanceIamMember("notebook-instance-iam", project=project, location=location, instance_name=instance_name, role=viewer_role, member=member, ) pulumi.export("notebook_instance_iam_id", notebook_instance_iam.id)

    In this program, we've done the following:

    • Imported the necessary Pulumi GCP package.
    • Defined the project, location, Ai Notebook instance name, member's identity, and the IAM role.
    • Used the InstanceIamMember resource to assign the viewer role to the specified user on the AI Notebook instance.
    • Exported the IAM member's ID for reference.

    This Pulumi program will configure the IAM permissions such that the user specified in member will have viewer access to the AI Notebook instance identified by instance_name. Make sure to replace the project, location, instance_name, and member variables with the actual values you intend to use in your application.

    Consult the GCP IAM roles documentation for more information on available roles and what permissions they confer. Also, you can find more information about managing IAM for AI Notebooks in the Pulumi GCP documentation.

    Remember that when you run the Pulumi program, it will not only show you a preview of the changes to your infrastructure but will also require confirmation before making any changes. This allows you to review the effects of your policy changes before they're applied.