1. Scalable Identity Management for AI Workloads with Keycloak on Kubernetes


    To manage identity and access control for AI workloads on Kubernetes, we can deploy Keycloak, an open-source identity and access management solution. Deploying Keycloak on Kubernetes involves creating a scalable and reliable system that handles authentication and authorization for your services.

    In this Pulumi program, we will:

    1. Define a Kubernetes Namespace to logically isolate our Keycloak deployment.
    2. Deploy a Keycloak instance using a Helm chart which simplifies the deployment process and allows us to configure Keycloak through a set of values.
    3. Configure a Keycloak Realm, which is a set of managed identities, credentials, and role mappings.
    4. Create a Keycloak Client, which allows applications to authenticate with Keycloak.

    Below you'll find a Python program that uses Pulumi to orchestrate this deployment. This program assumes that you have Pulumi installed, along with the necessary provider configurations for Kubernetes.

    import pulumi import pulumi_kubernetes as k8s from pulumi_kubernetes.helm.v3 import Chart, ChartOpts # Initialize a Kubernetes provider using the current context of kubectl k8s_provider = k8s.Provider("k8s") # Create a new Kubernetes namespace for our Keycloak deployment keycloak_namespace = k8s.core.v1.Namespace("keycloak-ns", metadata={ "name": "keycloak" }, opts=pulumi.ResourceOptions(provider=k8s_provider)) # Deploy Keycloak using the stable Helm chart. # This chart will provision a Keycloak StatefulSet, Services, PVCs, and other required resources. keycloak_chart = Chart( "keycloak", ChartOpts( chart="keycloak", version="9.8.1", # Use the version compatible with your setup namespace=keycloak_namespace.metadata["name"], fetch_opts=k8s.helm.v3.FetchOpts( repo="https://codecentric.github.io/helm-charts" ), # Define values for the Keycloak Helm chart. # Refer to the Keycloak Helm chart's documentation for all possible configuration values. values={ "init": { "image": { "repository": "busybox", "tag": "1.31.1", "pullPolicy": "IfNotPresent", }, }, "keycloak": { "replicas": 3, # Set the number of Keycloak replicas for high availability "username": "admin", # Default Keycloak admin username "password": "admin", # Default Keycloak admin password (replace with a secure password) # Configure resources according to your requirements "resources": { "requests": { "cpu": "500m", "memory": "512Mi", }, "limits": { "cpu": "1", "memory": "1024Mi", }, }, # Configure persistence for storing Keycloak data "persistence": { "deployPostgres": True, # Deploys a PostgreSQL database for Keycloak "dbVendor": "postgres", }, }, }, ), pulumi.ResourceOptions(provider=k8s_provider, depends_on=[keycloak_namespace])) # Export the Keycloak service name and cluster IP to access the Keycloak instance keycloak_service_name = pulumi.export("service_name", keycloak_chart.resources["v1/Service:default/keycloak"].metadata["name"]) keycloak_service_cluster_ip = pulumi.export("service_cluster_ip", keycloak_chart.resources["v1/Service:default/keycloak"].spec["cluster_ip"])

    This program sets up a high-availability instance of Keycloak with PostgreSQL as the database backend. We define a custom namespace, keycloak, and use the Helm chart for Keycloak deployment, specifying the number of replicas, resource requests/limits, persistence options, and default admin credentials. Make sure to replace the default admin password with a secure password in a production setup.

    You can access the Keycloak instance through the service name and cluster IP that we exported at the end of the program. However, to access Keycloak externally, you may need to set up an Ingress or a LoadBalancer service depending on your cloud provider or Kubernetes environment.

    Lastly, we use depends_on to explicitly require that Keycloak is deployed only after the namespace is created, ensuring the resources are created in the correct order.

    For detailed information and varying configurations, you should refer to the official documentation for Keycloak and its Helm chart.