1. Setting Up Quotas and Billing Alerts for LLMs in GCP Projects


    To set up quotas and billing alerts for Load Balancer Logging and Monitoring (LLMs) in Google Cloud Platform (GCP) projects using Pulumi, you'll need to interact with several Google Cloud services. Here, we'll focus on:

    1. Setting a quota on the use of LLMs.
    2. Creating a billing alert to notify you when you reach a certain percentage of your budget.

    To accomplish this, we will work with the gcp.projects.Service, which allows us to enable and disable services within a GCP project, and gcp.billing.Budget, which enables us to set budget alerts.

    Below is the Pulumi program written in Python that sets up the necessary resources for this task:

    import pulumi import pulumi_gcp as gcp # Replace these variables with your own information project_id = 'your-gcp-project-id' # Create a budget for the project budget = gcp.billing.Budget("budget", billing_account="your-billing-account-id", amount={ "specifiedAmount": { "currencyCode": "USD", "units": "100" # 100 USD } }, threshold_rules=[{ "spend_basis": "CURRENT_SPEND", "threshold_percent": 0.9, # Alert at 90% of the budget }], all_updates_rule={ "pubsub_topic": "projects/{project_id}/topics/{your-topic}", "schemaVersion": "1.0" }) # Enable the Load Balancer Logging and Monitoring service. # You can enable or disable services for your GCP project using the gcp.projects.Service resource. load_balancer_service = gcp.projects.Service("loadBalancerService", service='compute.googleapis.com', # The Load Balancer API is part of the compute service. project=project_id, disable_on_destroy=False) # Export the project id and budget id pulumi.export('project_id', project_id) pulumi.export('budget_id', budget.id)

    In this program:

    • We define the project_id, which should be set to your GCP project ID.
    • We create a new budget using the gcp.billing.Budget resource which sets a budget of 100 USD and configures a budget alert for when 90% of that budget is consumed. You need to replace 'your-billing-account-id' with your actual billing account ID and 'your-topic' with your Pub/Sub topic, which will receive notifications when your budget threshold is exceeded.
    • We enable the Load Balancer service using gcp.projects.Service, which is required for LLMs.
    • We include load_balancer_service in the program, assuming that the API for LLMs is part of the Compute service in GCP, which is represented by 'compute.googleapis.com'.
    • We export the project_id and the budget_id of the created budget for future reference.

    Before running the Pulumi program, ensure that you have configured your GCP credentials on your local machine or CI/CD environment where the Pulumi CLI will be executed. The Pulumi program will use those credentials to authenticate with Google Cloud.

    Remember that to manage GCP resources using Pulumi, you need to have the Pulumi CLI installed and your GCP Provider configured correctly. Once set up, you can run pulumi up to deploy your infrastructure and pulumi destroy when you want to remove it.