1. Deploy the centrifugo helm chart on AWS EKS


    To deploy the Centrifugo Helm chart on an AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) cluster using Pulumi, we'll follow these steps:

    1. Create an EKS Cluster: This is where we will deploy the Helm chart. An EKS cluster is made up of a control plane and worker nodes where pods are scheduled.

    2. Deploy Helm Chart on EKS: After the cluster is created, we will use Pulumi's Helm support to deploy Centrifugo chart.

    Here is a program written in TypeScript that accomplishes this:

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws"; import * as eks from "@pulumi/eks"; import * as k8s from "@pulumi/kubernetes"; // Create an EKS cluster const cluster = new eks.Cluster("my-cluster", { // Specify the desired settings for the EKS cluster here like the number of nodes, node type, etc. }); // Create a Kubernetes provider instance to interact with the EKS cluster const provider = new k8s.Provider("k8s-provider", { kubeconfig: cluster.kubeconfig.apply(JSON.stringify), }); // Deploy Centrifugo Helm chart into EKS cluster using provider const centrifugoChart = new k8s.helm.v3.Chart("centrifugo", { chart: "centrifugo", version: "Your desired chart version", // Replace with the desired Helm chart version fetchOpts: { repo: "https://your-helm-chart-repository.com", // Replace with the actual Helm repository URL } }, { provider }); // Export the cluster's kubeconfig export const kubeconfig = cluster.kubeconfig;

    Explanation of the Program:

    • We imported the necessary Pulumi packages for working with AWS, EKS, Kubernetes, and Helm charts.

    • We created an EKS cluster using the eks.Cluster resource. You can customize this resource with configurations like the number of nodes, node type, and others based on your use case.

    • We instantiated a Kubernetes provider pointing to our newly created EKS cluster. This provider is used to deploy Kubernetes resources like the Centrifugo Helm chart to the EKS cluster.

    • We then deployed the Centrifugo Helm chart to the EKS cluster using the k8s.helm.v3.Chart resource. This resource should be configured with the appropriate chart name, chart version, and Helm repository URL.

      • You need to specify the exact chart version you wish to deploy and the URL of the chart repository where Centrifugo is hosted.

    Please note that this Pulumi program should work out of the box if your Pulumi CLI and AWS are configured properly on your machine. The Helm chart version and repository must also correctly point to the Centrifugo chart you want to use.