1. Code Review Workflow for AI Applications with GitHub Teams


    To set up a code review workflow for AI applications with GitHub Teams using Pulumi, you would use GitHub's provider to create teams, manage team memberships, and configure repository settings. This program will demonstrate how you can create a GitHub team, add members to the team, and associate a repository with the team, providing the necessary permissions for code review.

    Here is how we will approach the setup:

    1. Create a GitHub Team: We'll start by creating a new team within your GitHub organization. This team will be designated for AI application reviews.

    2. Add Team Members: Once the team is created, we'll add members to this team. These will be the users who will participate in the code review process.

    3. Create or Identify a Repository: We will identify an existing repository or create a new one where the AI application's code resides.

    4. Associate Team with Repository: We'll give the team access to the repository with specific permissions to allow for proper code reviews.

    Let's start with the Pulumi program, using Python, to accomplish this:

    import pulumi import pulumi_github as github # Configure your GitHub organization name and the repository name github_organization = 'your-github-organization' repository_name = 'ai-application-repo' # 1. Create a GitHub Team for AI application reviews ai_review_team = github.Team("ai-review-team", description="Team responsible for reviewing AI applications", name="AI Reviewers", ) # The team's ID will be used to add members and associate with repositories team_id = ai_review_team.id # 2. Add Team Members # Add a list of GitHub usernames to the AI review team github_usernames = ['user1', 'user2', 'user3'] # Replace these with actual GitHub usernames for username in github_usernames: github.TeamMembership(f"ai-reviewer-{username}", team_id=team_id, username=username, role="member", # Can be 'member' or 'maintainer' ) # 3. Create or Identify a Repository # For demonstration, we'll assume the repository already exists. If not, you can use # the `github.Repository` resource to create one. # 4. Associate Team with Repository # Provide the AI Review Team with 'push' permissions for the repository, allowing code reviews ai_team_repo = github.TeamRepository("ai-team-repo", team_id=team_id, repository=repository_name, permission="push", ) # Output the team's URL for easy access pulumi.export('ai_review_team_url', ai_review_team.html_url)

    This program will perform the following:

    • Create a GitHub team named "AI Reviewers" under the specified organization.
    • Add specified members ['user1', 'user2', 'user3'] as team members. Be sure to replace the placeholders with actual GitHub usernames.
    • Set up association with the existing repository 'ai-application-repo' for the AI Review Team with push permissions, which is typically what code reviewers need to fetch branches and propose changes.
    • After running the program with pulumi up, it will output the URL to the GitHub team's page for you to access easily.

    Please replace 'your-github-organization' and 'ai-application-repo' with actual values for your setup. If you're creating a new repository instead of using an existing one, you can use the github.Repository resource to define it.

    Finally, remember to install the GitHub provider plugin for Pulumi and configure your GitHub token so that the program can authenticate with your GitHub account and make the necessary changes. You can do this by running pulumi plugin install resource github v5.20.0 and setting your GitHub token in the environment variable GITHUB_TOKEN or through the Pulumi configuration system.