1. How to cast a const to a string in Pulumi?


    In Pulumi, casting a const (or any variable) to a string works just like in general JavaScript or TypeScript. You either use the String() global function, or call .toString() method on the variable.

    Here's a program block demonstrating how to cast a numerical value to a string in Pulumi.

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; // Define a const variable with a numerical value const numericalValue = 42; // Method 1: Use the String global function to convert the number to a string const stringValue1 = String(numericalValue); // Log the result pulumi.log.info(`Method 1: ${stringValue1}`); // Method 2: Use the .toString() method to convert the number to a string const stringValue2 = numericalValue.toString(); // Log the result pulumi.log.info(`Method 2: ${stringValue2}`);

    You will see in the pulumi logs that both methods produce the same result - a string representation of the number 42.