1. Deploy the atlassian-confluence helm chart on AWS EKS


    To deploy the Atlassian Confluence helm chart on an AWS EKS cluster using Pulumi, you will be performing several steps:

    1. Create an EKS cluster on AWS.
    2. Deploy the Atlassian Confluence helm chart on the EKS cluster.

    Below is a Pulumi program written in TypeScript to achieve this. The program does the following:

    • Defines an EKS cluster using the eks.Cluster component, which simplifies creating and configuring an EKS cluster.
    • Deploys the Atlassian Confluence helm chart using the kubernetes.helm.v3.Chart resource.

    For this program, you will need to have Pulumi installed and configured for AWS. You will also need kubectl configured to interact with your EKS cluster. Make sure that your AWS account has the necessary permissions to create EKS clusters and work with associated resources like EC2 instances and IAM roles.

    import * as pulumi from '@pulumi/pulumi'; import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws'; import * as eks from '@pulumi/eks'; import * as kubernetes from '@pulumi/kubernetes'; // Create an EKS cluster. const cluster = new eks.Cluster('confluence-cluster', { desiredCapacity: 2, minSize: 1, maxSize: 3, }); // Export the cluster's kubeconfig. export const kubeconfig = cluster.kubeconfig; // Deploy Atlassian Confluence using its Helm Chart. const confluenceChart = new kubernetes.helm.v3.Chart('confluence', { chart: 'atlassian-confluence', version: 'x.x.x', // specify the version you'd like to deploy fetchOpts: { repo: 'https://atlassian.github.io/data-center-helm-charts', // this is a hypothetical chart repo }, }, { provider: cluster.provider }); // Export the Helm chart's status. export const confluenceStatus = confluenceChart.status;

    In the above program, you'll need to replace x.x.x with the actual version number of the Atlassian Confluence helm chart you wish to install. Additionally, the helm repo URL provided (https://atlassian.github.io/data-center-helm-charts) is a placeholder, and you will need to find the correct helm repository URL for the Atlassian Confluence chart.

    Once you've saved this code to a file (e.g., index.ts), you can run the Pulumi deployment with the following steps:

    1. Navigate to the directory containing your index.ts file.
    2. Run pulumi up to begin the deployment process.
    3. Review the plan displayed by Pulumi and enter yes to confirm if everything is correct.
    4. Pulumi will provision the resources, and once the deployment is complete, it will output the kubeconfig needed to interact with your EKS cluster.

    Remember, you will need to configure kubectl with the kubeconfig provided by Pulumi to interact with the EKS cluster and manage the deployed Confluence application.

    For more information on using Pulumi with AWS EKS, you can visit:

    Please check the Atlassian documentation or helm chart for any specific configurations you might need for Confluence.