1. Secure Data Lake Exploration using Azure Synapse's Studio


    To set up secure data lake exploration using Azure Synapse Studio, you will need the following resources:

    1. Azure Synapse Workspace (azure-native.synapse.Workspace) - This is the central resource for managing and monitoring your data exploration in Azure Synapse Studio. It provides security features, integration with other Azure services, and configurations needed for your exploration environment.

    2. Azure Data Lake Storage (azure-native.datalakestore.Account) - Azure Data Lake Storage is a highly scalable and secure data storage system that is integral to the data lake. It provides the foundation for building enterprise data lakes on Azure.

    3. Azure Synapse SQL Pool (azure-native.synapse.SqlPool) - This represents a collection of analytics databases. You can query data from the databases using either serverless on-demand or provisioned resources at scale.

    4. Azure Synapse Integration Runtime (azure-native.synapse.IntegrationRuntime) - This service allows you to move, transform, integrate and enrich your big data in Azure Data Factory workflows within the Synapse workspace.

    Here is a Pulumi Python program that sets up these resources to create a secure data lake exploration environment using Azure Synapse's Studio:

    import pulumi import pulumi_azure_native as azure_native # Define the resource group resource_group = azure_native.resources.ResourceGroup("synapseResourceGroup") # Create an Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 filesystem data_lake_account = azure_native.datalakestore.Account("dataLakeStorageAccount", resource_group_name=resource_group.name, identity=azure_native.datalakestore.AccountIdentityArgs( type="SystemAssigned", ), location=resource_group.location, tags={ "Environment": "DataLake" } ) # Create an Azure Synapse Workspace synapse_workspace = azure_native.synapse.Workspace("synapseWorkspace", resource_group_name=resource_group.name, location=resource_group.location, identity=azure_native.synapse.WorkspaceIdentityArgs( type="SystemAssigned", ), default_data_lake_storage=azure_native.synapse.WorkspaceDefaultDataLakeStorageArgs( account_url=pulumi.Output.concat("https://", data_lake_account.name, ".dfs.core.windows.net"), filesystem="datalake" # This should be the name of the filesystem to be used in the Data Lake Storage Gen2 account ), sql_administrator_login="sqladminuser", sql_administrator_login_password="P@ssw0rd1234" # Replace with a secure password ) # Create an Azure Synapse SQL Pool sql_pool = azure_native.synapse.SqlPool("sqlPool", resource_group_name=resource_group.name, location=resource_group.location, workspace_name=synapse_workspace.name, sku=azure_native.synapse.SkuArgs( name="DW100c", # Choose an appropriate performance level ), create_mode="Default", ) # Create an Azure Synapse Integration Runtime integration_runtime = azure_native.synapse.IntegrationRuntime("integrationRuntime", resource_group_name=resource_group.name, workspace_name=synapse_workspace.name ) # Outputs pulumi.export("dataLakeStorageName", data_lake_account.name) pulumi.export("synapseWorkspaceName", synapse_workspace.name) pulumi.export("sqlPoolName", sql_pool.name)

    This program initializes a resource group, then provisions an Azure Data Lake Storage account to be used as the underlying storage for data lake operations. Subsequently, an Azure Synapse Workspace is created with the necessary settings, including the link to the Data Lake Storage account. Then, an Azure Synapse SQL Pool is created to allow for querying and analysis over the data. Lastly, an Azure Synapse Integration Runtime is provisioned for data movement and transformation tasks.

    Remember to replace "P@ssw0rd1234" with an actual secure password for the SQL administrator.

    The outputs at the end will provide you with the names of the Data Lake Storage account, Synapse Workspace, and SQL Pool, which you can use to confirm the successful creation of these resources or for further automation tasks.

    Please note that while this program will provision the resources needed for a secure data lake exploration with Azure Synapse's Studio, you will still need to configure networking, security policies, and other Azure services as per your organization's standards to ensure everything is set up securely and in accordance with best practices.