1. What are the security recommendations of AWS CodeGuru Reviewer in TypeScript


    AWS CodeGuru Reviewer is a service that provides automated code reviews for identifying potential defects and issues like concurrency problems, potential deviations from best practices, and resource leaks. AWS CodeGuru Reviewer uses machine learning and automated reasoning to identify critical issues, security vulnerabilities, and hard-to-find bugs during the application development process.

    Since CodeGuru Reviewer itself is a service provided by AWS to analyze your code and provide recommendations, using it does not involve writing persistent resources with Pulumi. However, you can incorporate such a service within your CI/CD pipelines (such as AWS CodePipeline) and get automated reviews on your pull requests.

    Pulumi can help you set up your AWS infrastructure including resources that can be analyzed by CodeGuru Reviewer. For instance, you can use Pulumi to set up an AWS CodeCommit repository and associate it with CodeGuru for automatic code reviews.

    Here's a Pulumi program in TypeScript that demonstrates how to set up a repository and associate it with AWS CodeGuru Reviewer using the aws.codegurureviewer.RepositoryAssociation resource:

    import * as pulumi from '@pulumi/pulumi'; import * as aws from '@pulumi/aws'; // Create a new AWS CodeCommit repository const repository = new aws.codecommit.Repository("myRepository", { repositoryName: "my-repository", // The name of the repository }); // Associate the repository with AWS CodeGuru Reviewer for automatic code reviews const codeGuruAssociation = new aws.codegurureviewer.RepositoryAssociation("myCodeGuruAssociation", { repository: { codeCommit: { name: repository.repositoryName, // The name of the CodeCommit repository }, }, type: "CodeCommit", // Association type, indicating CodeCommit as the source provider }); // Export the CodeCommit repository URL so it can be accessed easily export const repositoryCloneUrlHttp = repository.cloneUrlHttp; // Export the ARN of the CodeGuru Reviewer association export const codeGuruAssociationArn = codeGuruAssociation.arn;

    What does this program do?

    • It imports the required Pulumi and AWS packages.
    • It creates a new CodeCommit repository named "my-repository" where you can store your application code.
    • It then associates this repository with AWS CodeGuru Reviewer by creating a RepositoryAssociation resource.

    How this works with AWS CodeGuru Reviewer:

    • When you push code to the associated CodeCommit repository, AWS CodeGuru Reviewer automatically reviews the code and provides recommendations.
    • These recommendations can include how to improve code quality and how to remediate potential security vulnerabilities.
    • You can view these recommendations in the CodeGuru Reviewer dashboard within the AWS Management Console.

    Next Steps:

    • Incorporate these recommendations from CodeGuru Reviewer into your regular code review process.
    • Use the feedback to resolve potential issues before they become bigger problems in production.

    Please remember, while the creation of AWS resources can be automated using Pulumi, actually receiving and acting on AWS CodeGuru Reviewer's recommendations is a process that would take place outside of Pulumi, within your own code review workflows and possibly integrated into your CI/CD pipeline.