1. Deploy the mautrix-whatsapp helm chart on Kubernetes


    To deploy the mautrix-whatsapp Helm chart on Kubernetes using Pulumi, you will need to use the helm.sh/v3.Chart resource from the Pulumi Kubernetes provider. This allows you to leverage Helm charts to deploy applications on a Kubernetes cluster, abstracting away lower-level Kubernetes object definitions and configuration.

    First, ensure you have a Kubernetes cluster running and kubectl is configured to connect to it. Pulumi uses the same configuration as kubectl to interact with your Kubernetes cluster.

    Below is a Pulumi program that deploys the mautrix-whatsapp Helm chart. Before running this code, you should have Node.js and Pulumi installed on your machine and a Pulumi account set up.

    The program starts by importing the necessary Pulumi packages for the Kubernetes resources. The pulumi/lang/nodejs package is a native Pulumi Node.js SDK that provides classes and helpers to manage Kubernetes resources explicitly.

    Then, we define a new Helm chart using the helm.v3.Chart class from the Kubernetes provider. We set the chart parameter to the name of the Helm chart we wish to deploy, mautrix-whatsapp. The repo parameter specifies the Helm repository where the chart is located. If you have specific configuration values you want to override in the Helm chart, you can pass an object with the settings to the values parameter. For now, we will use the default configuration values by not specifying the values property.

    In the Chart resource definition:

    • chart specifies the name of the Helm chart to install. In this case, 'mautrix-whatsapp'.
    • version is optionally used to specify the chart version. It is omitted here, so the latest version will be installed.
    • namespace can be specified if you want to deploy the Helm chart in a specific Kubernetes namespace. If a namespace is not provided, it will use the default namespace.

    After running pulumi up, Pulumi will reach out to the specified Helm chart repository, download the mautrix-whatsapp Helm chart, and apply it to the Kubernetes cluster.

    Here is the Pulumi TypeScript program:

    import * as pulumi from '@pulumi/pulumi'; import * as k8s from '@pulumi/kubernetes'; // Instantiate a Kubernetes provider instance using the default kubeconfig credentials and context. const k8sProvider = new k8s.Provider('k8s-provider', {}); // Specify the name of the Helm chart and the repository where it is located. const helmChartName = 'mautrix-whatsapp'; const helmChartRepo = 'https://mautrix.whatsapp/repository'; // Please replace this URL with the actual chart repository URL // Deploy the mautrix-whatsapp Helm chart using the Chart resource. const mautrixWhatsAppChart = new k8s.helm.v3.Chart(helmChartName, { // The chart and version to deploy. If the version is not specified, the latest will be used. chart: helmChartName, // Specify the Helm repository URL where the chart is located. // You might have to add this repository to your Helm repositories using `helm repo add`. repositoryOpts: { repo: helmChartRepo }, // If required, the namespace can be specified. In this example, 'default' is assumed. // If omitted, resources will be created in the namespace specified in kubeconfig. // namespace: "<your_namespace>", // Values to override in the Helm chart can be specified here. // values: { // key: "value", // } }, { provider: k8sProvider }); // Export the name of the chart. export const chartName = mautrixWhatsAppChart.metadata.name;

    To run this Pulumi program, you would execute the following commands in your terminal:

    1. Navigate to the directory where your Pulumi program file (e.g., index.ts) resides.
    2. Run pulumi stack init <name-of-your-stack> to create a new stack for your project.
    3. Run pulumi up to preview and deploy the changes to your Kubernetes cluster.

    After pulumi up has finished executing, the mautrix-whatsapp Helm chart will be deployed to your Kubernetes cluster, and you should see the services and deployments created by the Helm chart in your cluster.

    Please replace the helmChartRepo variable's value with the actual URL for the 'mautrix-whatsapp' Helm chart repository. If the Helm chart requires any specific configuration values, provide them within the values property of the Chart resource.