1. Deploy the ibm-common-services helm chart on Kubernetes


    To deploy the ibm-common-services Helm chart on a Kubernetes cluster using Pulumi, you'll use the kubernetes.helm.v3.Chart resource from Pulumi's Kubernetes provider. This resource allows you to deploy Helm charts into a Kubernetes cluster. The Chart resource is a higher-level construct that encodes the best practices for deploying Helm charts. It's part of the @pulumi/kubernetes npm package, which you need to install in your Pulumi project.

    The steps to deploy the Helm chart are as follows:

    1. Configure the Kubernetes provider to connect to your Kubernetes cluster.
    2. Use the Chart resource to specify the Helm chart you want to deploy, which in our case is ibm-common-services.
    3. Optionally, configure the chart values or any other settings supported by the Helm chart.

    Here's a TypeScript program that demonstrates how to deploy the ibm-common-services Helm chart:

    import * as k8s from "@pulumi/kubernetes"; // First, we will create a helm chart resource `ibm-common-services`. // Please replace the `<YOUR NAMESPACE>` placeholder with your target Kubernetes namespace. const ibmCommonServicesChart = new k8s.helm.v3.Chart("ibm-common-services-chart", { chart: "ibm-common-services", // The name of the chart. version: "3.7.0", // Specify the version of the chart you wish to deploy. fetchOpts: { repo: "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/IBM/charts/master/repo/stable/", // The repository where the chart is located. }, namespace: "<YOUR NAMESPACE>", // The Kubernetes namespace in which to deploy the chart. // Add any custom values below that you want to override from the default chart values. values: { // Replace this with any values you need to provide to the Helm chart. }, }); // Obtaining a reference to the deployed services can be done as follows, // assuming the chart's services are known and have specific names: export const ibmCommonServiceName = ibmCommonServicesChart.getResourceProperty( "v1/Service", "example-service", "metadata" ).name;

    This script will deploy the ibm-common-services Helm chart into the specified namespace. Before running the program, you need to replace "<YOUR NAMESPACE>" with the actual Kubernetes namespace where you wish to deploy the Helm chart. If you don't specify a namespace, the chart will be deployed into the default namespace in your Kubernetes cluster.

    To apply the changes and deploy the Helm chart, you would run pulumi up on the command line, assuming you have already set up Pulumi with the correct Kubernetes context.

    Please ensure you have authenticated with your Kubernetes cluster and that the Pulumi CLI is set up and configured to manage your cluster resources.