1. Get the default VPC


    To achieve this goal, you can use the AWS package in Pulumi. The aws.ec2 module has a getVpc implementation that we can use to fetch the details of a specific VPC. Since you're trying to get the default VPC, we'll use the default filter which targets the main VPC.

    Here's the code that will do this:

    import pulumi from pulumi_aws import ec2 # Get default VPC default_vpc = ec2.get_vpc(default="true") # Export the VPC's ID pulumi.export('vpcId', default_vpc.id)

    In this program, ec2.get_vpc(default="true") fetches the default VPC from your AWS environment. The ID of this VPC is then exported as an output of the Pulumi program.

    This uses the aws.ec2.getVpc function from the Pulumi Registry.