Module config

This provider is a derived work of the Terraform Provider distributed under MPL 2.0. If you encounter a bug or missing feature, first check the pulumi/pulumi-cloudflare repo; however, if that doesn’t turn up anything, please consult the source terraform-providers/terraform-provider-cloudflare repo.



let apiClientLogging

let apiClientLogging: boolean | undefined =  __config.getObject<boolean>("apiClientLogging") || (utilities.getEnvBoolean("CLOUDFLARE_API_CLIENT_LOGGING") || false);

Whether to print logs from the API client (using the default log library logger)

let apiToken

let apiToken: string | undefined =  __config.get("apiToken");

The API Token for operations.

let email

let email: string | undefined =  __config.get("email") || utilities.getEnv("CLOUDFLARE_EMAIL");

A registered Cloudflare email address.

let maxBackoff

let maxBackoff: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("maxBackoff") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("CLOUDFLARE_MAX_BACKOFF") || 30);

Maximum backoff period in seconds after failed API calls

let minBackoff

let minBackoff: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("minBackoff") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("CLOUDFLARE_MIN_BACKOFF") || 1);

Minimum backoff period in seconds after failed API calls

let orgId

let orgId: string | undefined =  __config.get("orgId") || utilities.getEnv("CLOUDFLARE_ORG_ID");

Configure API client to always use that organization. If set this will override ‘user_owner_from_zone’

let retries

let retries: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("retries") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("CLOUDFLARE_RETRIES") || 3);

Maximum number of retries to perform when an API request fails

let rps

let rps: number | undefined =  __config.getObject<number>("rps") || (utilities.getEnvNumber("CLOUDFLARE_RPS") || 4);

RPS limit to apply when making calls to the API

let token

let token: string | undefined =  __config.get("token") || utilities.getEnv("CLOUDFLARE_TOKEN");

The API key for operations.

let useOrgFromZone

let useOrgFromZone: string | undefined =  __config.get("useOrgFromZone") || utilities.getEnv("CLOUDFLARE_ORG_ZONE");

If specified zone is owned by an organization, configure API client to always use that organization