Module types/output



interface GetUsersUser

interface GetUsersUser

property avatarUrl

avatarUrl: string;

The avatar URL of the user.

property bio

bio: string;

The bio of the user.

property canCreateGroup

canCreateGroup: boolean;

Whether the user can create groups.

property canCreateProject

canCreateProject: boolean;

Whether the user can create projects.

property colorSchemeId

colorSchemeId: number;

User’s color scheme ID.

property createdAt

createdAt: string;

Date the user was created at.

property currentSignInAt

currentSignInAt: string;

Current user’s sign-in date.

property email

email: string;

The e-mail address of the user.

property externUid

externUid: string;

Lookup users by external UID. (Requires administrator privileges)

property external

external: boolean;

Whether the user is external.

property id

id: number;

The unique id assigned to the user by the gitlab server.

property isAdmin

isAdmin: boolean;

Whether the user is an admin.

property lastSignInAt

lastSignInAt: string;

Last user’s sign-in date.

property linkedin

linkedin: string;

Linkedin profile of the user.

property location

location: string;

The location of the user.

property name

name: string;

The name of the user.

property organization

organization: string;

The organization of the user.

property projectsLimit

projectsLimit: number;

Number of projects the user can create.

property provider

provider: string;

The UID provider of the user.

property skype

skype: string;

Skype username of the user.

property state

state: string;

Whether the user is active or blocked.

property themeId

themeId: number;

User’s theme ID.

property twitter

twitter: string;

Twitter username of the user.

property twoFactorEnabled

twoFactorEnabled: boolean;

Whether user’s two factor auth is enabled.

property username

username: string;

The username of the user.

property websiteUrl

websiteUrl: string;

User’s website URL.

interface ProjectSharedWithGroup

interface ProjectSharedWithGroup

property groupAccessLevel

groupAccessLevel: string;

Group’s sharing permissions. See [group members permission][groupMembersPermissions] for more info. Valid values are guest, reporter, developer, master.

property groupId

groupId: number;

Group id of the group you want to share the project with.

property groupName

groupName: string;

Group’s name.