Interface InvokeOptions

interface InvokeOptions {
    async?: boolean;
    parent?: Resource;
    pluginDownloadURL?: string;
    provider?: ProviderResource;
    version?: string;


async?: boolean

Invoke this data source function asynchronously. Defaults to true if unspecified.

When true, only the Promise<> side of the invoke result is present. Explicitly pass in false to get the non-Promise side of the result. Invoking data source functions synchronously is deprecated. The ability to do this will be removed at a later point in time.

parent?: Resource

An optional parent to use for default options for this invoke (e.g. the default provider to use).

pluginDownloadURL?: string

An option to specify the URL from which to download this resources associated plugin. This version overrides the URL information inferred from the current package and should rarely be used.

provider?: ProviderResource

An optional provider to use for this invocation. If no provider is supplied, the default provider for the invoked function's package will be used.

version?: string

An optional version, corresponding to the version of the provider plugin that should be used when performing this invoke.

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