1. How to implement a lambda in Python?


    Sure! To implement a AWS Lambda function using Pulumi with Python, you first need to define a aws.lambda_.Function object and supply the necessary parameters, such as runtime, code, and handler.

    Here is the example:

    import pulumi import pulumi_aws as aws # Define the lambda function lambda_func = aws.lambda_.Function("my_lambda", role="your_iam_role_ARN", # replace this with your IAM role ARN runtime="python3.8", # define your lambda runtime code=pulumi.AssetArchive({ '.': pulumi.FileArchive('./path_to_your_python_lambda') # path to your Lambda function }), handler="lambda_function.lambda_handler" # your handler function in your Lambda script ) pulumi.export('lambda_arn', lambda_func.arn)

    In this example, we're creating a Lambda function named my_lambda. We specify the IAM role that the lambda should assume and also provide the runtime information – in this case, we use python3.8.

    The code parameter is where we tell AWS where our lambda function code resides. For a Python function, we need to specify a .zip file or a directory. In this case, pulumi.FileArchive('./path_to_your_python_lambda') tells Pulumi to zip up everything in the path_to_your_python_lambda directory, and use that as the function source.

    The handler is a string in the format of file.function. This tells AWS Lambda to execute the lambda_handler function within the lambda_function.py file.

    Finally, we're exporting the ARN (Amazon Resource Name) of the Lambda function. Exporting properties like this allows you to easily use them in other parts of your Pulumi program, or in other Pulumi programs.

    Please replace "your_iam_role_ARN" with your actual IAM Role ARN, ./path_to_your_python_lambda with the actual path to your lambda function file and lambda_function.lambda_handler with the actual handler function in your Lambda script.

    To run this program, put it in a file, say __main__.py, set up your AWS credentials, and run pulumi up.

    Here is the documentation for the aws.lambda_.Function class.