1. How to import AWS VPC with Pulumi CLI?


    You can import an existing VPC into a Pulumi program using the get function, provided by Pulumi AWS Provider. This will allow Pulumi to retrieve the state of the existing VPC without needing to manage it.

    Here's an example on how you might do this:

    import * as pulumi from "@pulumi/pulumi"; import * as aws from "@pulumi/aws"; // Create an AWS provider connection const provider = new aws.Provider("aws-provider", { region: "us-west-2", }); // Use the VPC ID to get the VPC details const vpcId = "your-vpc-id"; // replace with your VPC ID const vpc = aws.ec2.getVpc({ id: vpcId }, { provider }); // Export the details of the VPC export const vpcCidrBlock = vpc.then(v => v.cidrBlock);

    This program uses aws.ec2.getVpc to get the VPC based on its ID. You'll need to replace "your-vpc-id" with your actual VPC ID. The vpc constant will hold a promise which resolves to the VPC details. Note that the VPC details are not immediately available because they're fetched asynchronously. Thus, if you want to access these details (like the cidrBlock), you need to use then function.

    More on aws.ec2.vpc in the Pulumi documentation

    Once you run this program, you can retrieve the exported VPC CIDR block using the pulumi stack output vpcCidrBlock command in the CLI.