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Pulumi Insights

    Pulumi Insights provides advanced search, analytics, and AI for your infrastructure as code.

    It provides:

    • Resource Search: Explore all of your resources under management. Filter resources by stack, project, or a number of other dimensions.

    • Resource Search Aggregates: See aggregates at a glance for your resources under management. Start with a birds-eye view of your infrastructure, and leverage search to dig deeper.

    • Cloud Import: Bring your own cloud provider account and import all your existing resources into Pulumi to see how things break down. Zero code required.

    • Data Export: Export your Pulumi resources into your business intelligence tool of choice to go even further.

    • Resource Search AI Assist: (experimental) Use natural language processing to help craft search queries to explore your data.

    Resource Search can be accessed directly from the Pulumi Cloud dashboard or from the side navigation by navigating to Resources.

    By default, you will see a table with the resources you have access to, ordered by most recently updated.

    A count is shown the upper-right corner with the total number of resources matched by this query – in this case, we have 70 resources.

    Resource Search Table

    You can control how many resources are displayed per page and paginate through your resources by using controls on the bottom of the page:

    Resource Search Pagination

    If you need access to more resources, you can use the Data Export feature or access them programmatically via the Pulumi Cloud Rest API.

    Use the search bar to refine the resources displayed on the page.

    Selecting project will pre-populate a query with project: which we can then extend to project:production to return resources with “production” in their project name.

    Selecting the Filters menu to augments or pre-populate queries with helpful date ranges.

    Resource Search Filters

    The columns displayed on results can be modified to show or hide information by selecting the gear icon.

    Resource Search Columns

    Selecting a column header will modify the query to sort by that column.

    Resource Search Aggregates

    The Advanced filtering menu can be expanded to apply additional filters to your query and to view finer-grained resource counts.

    Resource Search Advanced Filters

    In this example, the query has been restricted to the “my-stack” stack.

    The counts next to each value show that this stack has 18 subnets, and 366 AWS resources in total.

    Selecting Clear filters will remove all previously selected filters.

    Data Export

    This feature is only available to organizations using the Enterprise and Business Critical editions. If you don’t see it in your organization, contact us.

    Organizations with Data Export enabled are able to export all resources matching a particular query in CSV format.

    For a more detailed description of CSV schema, see the export documentation.


    See the Pulumi Cloud REST API for full details of the API endpoint to query and export resources.

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