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Data export

    CSV Format

    The CSV (comma separated values) format is composed of the following fields:

    created, custom, delete, id, modified, module, name, package, parent_urn, pending, project, protected, provider_urn, stack, type, urn
    createdThe UTC time when the resource was created.
    customWhether the resource is a CustomResource.
    deleteWhether the resource is marked for deletion in the next update.
    idThe physical name of the resource, as assigned by the resource’s provider.
    modifiedThe UTC time when the resource’s state was last modified during an update, refresh or import.
    moduleThe module component of the resource’s type. This is s3 for a resource of type aws:s3/bucket:Bucket.
    nameThe logical name of the resource. Typically the first parameter provided to the resource when it was instantiated.
    packageThe package component of the resource’s type. This is aws for a resource of type aws:s3/bucket:Bucket.
    parent_urnThe URN of the resource’s parent, if it has one.
    pendingThe state of the resource if it is pending. Typically indicates an operation that was interrupted due to an error.
    projectThe project the resource belongs to.
    protectedWhether the resource is protected from deletion.
    provider_urnThe URN of the resource’s provider.
    stackThe stack the resource belongs to.
    typeThe type of the resource.
    urnThe URN of the resource.

    See the API specification for a more complete description of what these fields represent.

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