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esc env edit

    Edit an environment definition


    Edit an environment definition

    This command fetches the current definition for the named environment and opens it for editing in an editor. The editor defaults to the value of the VISUAL environment variable. If VISUAL is not set, EDITOR is used. These values are interpreted as commands to which the name of the temporary file used for the environment is appended. If no editor is specified via the –editor flag or environment variables, edit defaults to vi.

    esc env edit [<org-name>/]<environment-name> [flags]


          --editor string   the command to use to edit the environment definition
      -f, --file -          the file that contains the updated environment, if any. Pass - to read from standard input.
      -h, --help            help for edit
          --show-secrets    Show static secrets in plaintext rather than ciphertext

    Options inherited from parent commands

          --env string   The name of the environment to operate on.


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