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Pulumi ESC FAQs

    Is it safe to use Pulumi ESC for my production stacks?

    Yes, Pulumi ESC is served using the same highly secure and highly available infrastructure as the rest of Pulumi Cloud. The service is currently in preview as we are rapidly iterating and improving the feature set. It is unlikely that we will make any breaking changes. Should we introduce a new API, we are dedicated to ensuring optimal compatibility to prevent any interruptions to your infrastructure.

    Why did Pulumi launch ESC?

    We launched Pulumi ESC in response to customer feedback about their difficulties in managing config and secrets causing sprawl and duplications across stacks. Pulumi ESC is a natural extension of Pulumi IaC by allowing hierarchical configurations that can be used across stacks.

    When will Pulumi ESC be generally available?

    Pulumi ESC will be generally available in 2024.

    What will be the pricing of Pulumi ESC?

    During the preview, the product is free to use. When the product is made generally available, it will have a pricing model that is competitive with the market.

    What is the roadmap for Pulumi ESC?
    We have a lot of features planned for ESC. Here are a few highlights:

    We encourage you to create a feature request or upvote existing open requests.

    Can a Self-hosted Pulumi customer use this?

    Pulumi ESC is currently not supported for self-hosted customers. Contact sales if you’d like to participate in our self-hosted beta for ESC when it is available.

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