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Kubernetes FAQ

    1. What does Crosswalk for Kubernetes include?

      Crosswalk for Kubernetes is a set of playbooks to configure, deploy, and manage Kubernetes production, along with new programmatic libraries and tools to facilitate understanding and working with the Kubernetes API.

      Playbook tasks are segmented by operations, and belong to one of the 6 stacks outlined in Production Architecture for Teams. The Pulumi code for each stack is available and linked at the top of each task, and references the pulumi/kubernetes and pulumi/kubernetesx libraries in action.

      Together, the docs and stack code provide a reference architecture to operate and use Kubernetes in production across a team using industry best-practices.

      When the playbooks and frameworks are combined with querying abilities made available in pulumi/kq, you can manage, observe, and take action on your Kubernetes cluster with informed, real-time data.

    2. Where is the code located?

      You can find the Crosswalk code across various repos.

    3. Where can I suggest a change or open an issue with the docs?

      You can open an issue in pulumi/docs for any changes to the Crosswalk documentation.

    4. Where can I ask for assistance on Crosswalk for Kubernetes?

      You can find us in the community Slack channel.

    5. Does Crosswalk support on-prem or other cloud providers?

      Support for on-prem environments, and other clouds is an area we’d love to build out. Open an issue in pulumi/docs to describe your Crosswalk use case.

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