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esc env version retract

    Retract a specific revision of an environment


    Retract a specific revision of an environment

    This command retracts a specific revision of an environment. A retracted revision can no longer be read or opened. Retracting a revision also updates any tags that point to the retracted revision to instead point to a replacement revision. If no replacement is specified, the latest non-retracted revision preceding the revision being retracted is used as the replacement.

    The revision pointed to by the latest tag may not be retracted. To retract the latest revision of an environment, first update the environment with a new definition.

    esc env version retract [<org-name>/]<environment-name>@<version> [flags]


      -h, --help                  help for retract
          --reason string         the reason for the retraction
          --replace-with string   the version to use to replace the retracted revision

    Options inherited from parent commands

          --env string   The name of the environment to operate on.


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