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esc login

    Log in to the Pulumi Cloud


    Log in to the Pulumi Cloud.

    The Pulumi Cloud manages your Pulumi ESC environments. Simply run

    $ esc login

    and this command will prompt you for an access token, including a way to launch your web browser to easily obtain one. You can script by using PULUMI_ACCESS_TOKEN environment variable.

    By default, this will log in to the managed Pulumi Cloud backend. If you prefer to log in to a self-hosted Pulumi Cloud backend, specify a URL. For example, run

    $ esc login https://api.pulumi.acmecorp.com

    to log in to a self-hosted Pulumi Cloud running at the api.pulumi.acmecorp.com domain.

    For https:// URLs, the CLI will speak REST to a Pulumi Cloud that manages state and concurrency control. You can specify a default org to use when logging into the Pulumi Cloud backend or a self-hosted Pulumi Cloud.

    esc login [<url>] [flags]


      -c, --cloud-url string     A cloud URL to log in to
          --default-org string   A default org to associate with the login.
      -h, --help                 help for login
          --insecure             Allow insecure server connections when using SSL
          --shared pulumi        Log in to the account in use by the pulumi CLI


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